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Gluten Sensitivity ~ Question About Igg Aga Result

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Quick and dirty:


I suspect that my 6yo daughter has gluten sensitivity.  She had chronic diarrhea as an infant/toddler, at age 2 she was tested with the celiac panel.  IgG was 36 or 38.  Her IgA AGA was within normal but total IgA was undetectable, so ped sent us to 2 specialists (immunology for the IgA and GI for the suspected celiac).  We opted for the celiagene test instead of the biopsy, and it was negative so we left it at that and let her continue eating gluten (which I regret).


Fast forward to this past fall ~ over the summer and into the fall she was in a bad mood all.the.time.  Woke up in a bad mood, stomped around the house, yelled at her siblings, was just generally grumpy and unpleasant.  We chalked it up to age for a while, but then she started complaining of stomach aches.  I decided it was time to really try a gluten test.  I swear she changed within days.  She was much more pleasant, less starving all the time (we would have to cut her off from food because she would just literally eat until she was sick).  Stomach aches continued so we also pulled dairy.  Stomach aches went away, and we've since trialed dairy 3 times, 3 times it's failed (diarrhea, vomiting).  She is 100% dairy free now, but we started her back on gluten in February.  The grumpiness is coming back!  But, she doesn't have stomach aches.  We decided to recheck her blood.  Her IgG is now at an 11, so the test reads as normal/negative.

BUT...I'm finding somewhat conflicting info about that number.  Like, yes she does not have celiac disease (it would be higher) but in the "normal" population the number should be around 3.  I'm also realizing that she was off of gluten for about 6 months, and then back on for about 4 weeks, so I'm not sure that was long enough to affect that specific test.


Anyway, I've convinced my husband (and my daughter!) that she needs to go gluten-free again, but I'm looking for any experience or scientific journals or articles that speak of this test.  I looked on the Dr. Ford's site but you have to pay to get real info about the numbers, unfortunately.

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I am a little confused on what tests were actually done.  If she doesn't have the Celiac genes, it isn't likely she has Celiac.  She could have some sort of food or gluten sensitivity/intolerance.  Unfortunately, there are no reliable tests for that at this time. The best way to figure that out is by keeping track of what she eats & eliminating or adding back foods.  That sounds like what you are doing.


What exact tests are you asking about?  Could we see the complete name of the test with the result and the range?  Something like:

TTG AGA  - 2     Range  negative <8  Positive >8

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She could still be non-celiac gluten sensitive and exhibit all the symptoms you describe, including the behavioral issues.




Sounds as if being gluten-free and DF  is keeping her healthy and happy, IMO. Symptom resolution --to me, that's an excellent indicator. 

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