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Gluten Free But Still Minor Symptoms

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Hi all, 


This is my first time posting, so I dont know my way around the forum yet.


I have been back on gluten and dairy free for 2-3 days, after lasting two weeks, and my symptoms have reduced.


Flatulence, sorry (down 50%)

Burping (unchanged)

Frequent bowel movements (down 50%) (one or two a day, as opposed to three or four)

White coating on tongue (unchanged)


So overall, gluten free has helped but I still get symptoms eg gas, white tongue


Just wondering what this could be


PS: I get random bursts of gassyness, one time after I ate a mandarin, carrot and apple my stomach got really upset (strange because it's fruit and veg) and once after eating buckwheat pancakes and dark chocolate. I have also been working out a lot more than usual (weights)


Im trying to get rid of my white tongue for good, and the accompanying bad breath.

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I am a little confused.  You have been gluten-free for 3 days? or 2 weeks?  Either way, it can take months, maybe years, to heal and get your system back to "normal" with Celiac disease.


Have you seen a dentist about the tongue?  That might require more than a gluten-free diet to clear up.

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Yes, I was gluten-free for 2 weeks, went gluten for a few days, now im back to gluten-free.

Well... Like I said, it can take months or more for the Celiac damage to heal and everything to start working correctly. With Celiac, you must be gluten-free for life, not just 2 weeks and then take a few days off and then back at it again. Read the Newbie thread under " Coping" for some basic info to get you started.




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Have you been tested for Celiac?  If not, you should undergo testing before going gluten free.  You have to be consuming gluten for the tests to be accurrate and if you do have Celiac or Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance then doing a gluten challenge after being gluten free for a significant period of time is usually painful and for many simply intolerable.

I also agree that you should see a dentist or a doctor regarding the white tongue as there are several potential causes for that.

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