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Dh Rash But Negative Blood Tests

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I'm looking for some psychological help!!! I have been going through the whole celiac diagnosis process and it is so frustrating. I have had all the classic symptoms for months/ years: "D" everyday, vitamin d, K and B12 deficiencies diagnosed through blood tests, joint pain and migraines and fatigue. I was diagnosed with hashimoto's more than 20 years ago, and B12 deficiency 10 years ago, my brother also has gluten intolerance (possibly celiac although they don't seem to distinguish in the same way in England where he lives). 


I went to see a naturopath doctor seeking help. She suggested that I may have a gluten problem, stupidly it had not occurred to me before. So I went completely gluten free for 12 days and also conferred with my regular doctor who agreed with the naturopath and ordered the blood tests. So I had probably only been totally gluten free for a few days (maybe 5 days) when the blood was drawn. When the blood tests came back negative the naturopath pointed out that they had not run the correct panel and so after being gluten free for 12 days I started eating gluten again to try and get the correct panel run.


Only one day after resuming gluten I broke out in a burning, stinging itchy rash. It looks exactly like the Dh rash pictures posted on this website. I realized that I had broken out with this rash before (a number of times over the last 10 years) but only in small patches (always starting in the same place) and that I had consulted the doctor about it before because the sores hung around for months. I had just been told to rub various creams on it but none of them helped. I stopped consulting the doctor and typically the rash would run its course over a month or so. However, this outbreak was much more widespread over my body, on my chest, shoulders, arms and thighs. The naturopath saw it and said she thought it was Dh. After resuming eating gluten for a week (only having been off it for 12 days) I went for the correct blood tests, i.e. total IGa serum, Ema and all the other tests recommended on this website. They all came back negative too. Now I am struggling with whether this is celiac or whether I am just a hypochondriac!!! And it is really depressing me, please advise! I do not know of any celiac knowledgable dermatologists in my area and I'm sure the skin biopsy would probably be negative and just demoralize me more!


Sorry for the length of this post!!!

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