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I introduced myself in another rather long post... but I am new here. I just had a biopsy test for C and am waiting for results. I thought I hadn't stopped gluten yet and went out to breakfast this morning. Kind of a last meal... I can't eat gluten, eggs, soy or dairy anymore. Looking around my kitchen I realize that while not trying because of the testing, I think I have been gluten free for about a week. Definately not soy free, but I don't see anything gluten left that I've been eating. No dairy or eggs. And I've cleaned everything.


I am so sick today and starting a migraine. Nausea, stomach pain, and I couldn't stay awake earlier. Is it possible that I've gluttened myself at breakfast? Is it possible that after only 5 or 6 days without gluten I would react so badly today? Nobody changes that fast, right? I had eggs, bacon, potatoes, hollandaise sauce and fruit. Nothing really with gluten although I am sure it had soy, and CC.


Is this all in my head and I'm just sick again today? It's worse than normal.

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