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I already posted the following text in another thread I started. However, it seemed to be a little bit off-topic there and I also didn't get an answer. I hope it's okay that I now start a new thread for this.


The main problem I have is a condition called blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) which again causes really dry eyes. I also have some other skin problems like acne and seborrhoic eczema. I'm saying also because my blepharitis should be understood as a skin problem. And the probable main cause of these skin problems is a too high sebum production of my skin, also called seborrhea. (Acne and especially the seborrhoic eczema is under good control when using appropriate ointments; my real problem is the blepharitis). I saw at least seborrhea being listed on some "symptom-lists" in the internet. Additionally  I found some speculation about possible connections between acne and problems with gluten. Also there is the case of a famous german football-player who openly talked about how a gluten-free diet completely healed his (extrem) acne (and this diet was done under the observation of doctors).

All in all I believe that it's not too far-fetched to consider gluten as a cause of my problems.


There are some other symptoms which made me focus on gluten.

- general digestion problems (but not that extreme, doesnt really bother me because it rarely happens; bloating I maybe do have a bit more often)

- I get extreme digestion problems when consuming milk products --> developed lactose-intolerance?

- joint pain --> only in my wrists and only when I stress them (for example by doing push-ups --> the weight which then lies on my wrists in combination with the position seems to be a problem for my wrists)

- dry hands when it's cold for a longer period of time (but then they can get really dry if I'm not using any ointment) ;when it's warm my hands are fine ( I found the following picture in the thread "DH Bank" posted by the user "Dani Nero" http://rainytown.se/images/external/20120524_065253.jpg --> this is not my hand but it looks a lot like mine when it's cold ["cold"= <10°] )

- "pale mouth sores" ( http://www.celiaccen...ac-Symptoms/32/ ) just recently I had one but I'm not sure if I had another one before that


These were the clearly recogniazble symptoms. Not quite sure how to evaluate "fatigue", "discolored teeth" and "tingling and numbness" correctly since these are really subjective feelings. My teeth could be whiter but I think they're ok. I sometimes do feel fatigue - but who doesn't? And "tingling and numbness"...well, I have the feeling as if I were experiencing this more often since I rea about it being a possible symptom of celiac, so...


However, the description of the other symptoms is mainly there to give you the complete picture. But as I already said my main problem is the blepharitis respectively the seborrhea which really bothers me. How common are blepharitis and/or seborrhea as symptoms of celiac? ( The commonnes of acne and seborrhoic eczema would also be interesting since both conditions are linked to seborrhea.)



There is another question I'd like to ask. I have some strange red dots/discoloarations on the upperparts of my feet. Here are some pictures:





They probably emerged half a year ago. The strange thing about these dots is that they only are visible: The skin on the upperside of my feet doesn't hurt, itch or anything else - its completely normal except for its look. I mean since it only emerged half a year ago it maybe just the nsilence before the storm but till now the skin where these dots are seems healthy.


Now, after viewing the pictures and reading my description: Could this "feet-issue" be gluten-related? Even if it may not be typical to have this on the feet but does the skin itself remind you of gluten-related skin-issues you dealt with or read about?



I'm thankful for every help I can get!


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Celiac, or gluten intolerance means you can't tolerate certain foods.  That being said, it doesn't mean you just don't eat those foods because it makes you feel bad.  There are health problems caused by gluten intake and the damage done to your body is terrible, and  causes a severe  lack of nutrition.  Lacking in nutrition can cause ALL sorts of issues.  I believe the lactose issue is due to the damage inside that can not 'hold' the good bacteria/probiotics used to break down the milk/dairy.  I had severe acne, when going gluten free, and diagnosed Celiac.  My face is generally clear now but I also take a monthly B-12 shot, my doctor said I can not eat enought to get enough B vitamin.  In short, if your body can not absorb all the nutrition your WHOLE body needs, there is a myriad of problems with many parts of your body, everyone is different.

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Honestly, there's no way to diagnosis via the internet.  Your best bet is to get tested.  Check out the University of Chicago's Celiac Website which contains both symptoms and testing requirements:




Good luck!

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