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How Are We Doing? What Are Normal Ttg Levels?

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Good morning,

My son was diagnosed with Celiac in January 2014 via a blood test and endoscopy.  Original lab work at that time had his ttg level >100. Started gluten-free diet mid January.


We have been extremely careful so I thought with his food choices.  While his symptoms are pretty much gone (the running to the bathroom, severe cramping, anxiety,etc) I am just wondering if we are doing ok.


We just had blood work done last week. His Ttg numbers are now in the mid 40's.  Is this good progress or normal progress?  To go from >100 to the 40's since January?


I can't find online anywhere what the normal or goal number is for this?


Any help is appreciated. Although he feels much better and I am very grateful I just want to make sure this is good steady progress.


Thanks in advance


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Seems good.  You have no idea how high they really were - 101 or 500.  It can take time for them to go down.  I bet they will be back to about "normal" in 6 months.


The normal number will depend on the lab - they use different measures sometimes.  It should say on the lab result page what normal is.  



"The gluten-free diet is a lifetime requirement. Eating any gluten, no matter how small an amount, can damage the intestine. This is true for anyone with the disease, including people who do not have noticeable symptoms. It can take weeks to months for antibody levels to normalize after a person with celiac disease has consumed gluten. "



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Here's the one I was looking for:


After going gluten-free, can a positive tTG mean anything other than gluten present in my diet?

tTG normalizes slowly when on a strict gluten-free diet. This process may take years if the starting level is very high. If tTG is still high after a long time, aside from gluten sneaking into one’s diet, this may simply mean, especially with low titers, that it’s falsely elevated—common in patients who have other autoimmune conditions, such as chronic liver disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease or thyroiditis.



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I would agree that it's coming down pretty well. Even if his lab was 101, his tTG IgA is now reduced by about 60% in 4 months - not too bad.  :)


Some people's lab's come down very quickly, even within a few weeks but most people take longer. He is taking a bit longer to get to normal than many, but it's on the way down. My levels were still a tad bit high after a year, but it was still a steady decline.  Just retest in a few more months.


If you are looking to test for dietary compliance, and no cc, the DGP tests and the EMA tests will go to normal faster (and in the case of the DGP, go up again faster).  You could always get those checked at your next visit if you are concerned that gluten is getting into his diet.


Best wishes.

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