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Gluten Challenge Question For The Gluten Light

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I am throwing this out to adult land because the kids board isn't very active.

Long story short, my daughter has been gluten free at home but eating gluten at least a few times a week outside the home. This is because my younger child probably has celiac per his GI (also a long story).

My daughter has been having some tummy troubles and GI wants her blood panel done.

Question is, if she hasnit been consistently ingesting gluten, but still eating it a few times a week, does she really need a 6 week gluten challenge?

My understanding was the damage does not go away unless you are completely gluten free for a while. So wouldn't her test results accurately reflect since she was never really gluten free?


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My understanding is that this child has not yet been diagnosed or had problems in the past, but because other people in the household have to be gluten-free, she is eating gluten-free meals with the rest of them, and only eating gluten outside of the house, so the OP is wanting to know if that amount is enough.


I would say to be on the safe side, if your daughter can stand it, do the U of C recommended 12 weeks of daily intake.  That way you don't have any so-so results to go by.

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