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My doctor ordered four labs after my endoscopy came back as maybe Celiac's. They are

deamidated gliadin abs, IgA - 3

Deamidated gliadin abs, IgG - <1

Immunoglobulin A Qn, serum 170. - <2

to trans glut am I made (tTG) - <2

So, soundly negative. My question is, would ask of these be affected by having eaten a very small about of gluten for three months (was eating low carb, no bread, pasta, crackers etc).

Also, is there something else that effects results, like IgG deficiency? I want to be certain of what's wrong, but I dread doing a gluten challenge. Makes me so sick and I feel so much better when I don't eat it.

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IGA deficient blood test can cause a false negative.


Eating gluten is key for testing. Here is a link that covers all you need to know.




Good Luck



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Is your IgA (Immunoglobulin A) low?  Is the normal 170 and you are less than 2 (<2) ?  If so, low IgA will cause false negatives in any IgA based tests (tTG IgA or DGP IgA - which I think you had done).


What are the normal ranges of your celiac disease tests?  The ranges vary from 0-1 up to 0-20.

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