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Not Sure What I Have? Pls Help!

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Just had bloodwork done yesterday but wanted to hear from others that have been dx. I will try to keep it short. My symptoms are inconsistent, I seem to be ok with some things that should cause problems while other gluten foods cause me issues.

Symptoms are diarrhea within 10-30 minutes. One episode and usually I'm okay. How're I ate a chewy oatmeal cookie and had several bouts of diarrhea and felt nauseous (I have never had nausea with my reactions). A few times I have had unexplained tingling in my fingertips and toes that resolves itself. No increased headaches, weight loss. Had vertigo on occasion but no brain fog or fatigue.

In terms of food, I can have subway subs (once it caused diarrhea) but I ate once at Quiznos and had a sub there for the first time and had diarrhea within 30 minutes.

I can drink beer (coors light) without issue.

Got a stomache ache recently from spaghetti but otherwise can eat pasta okay (possibly starting to react to it???).

Had udon soup and was fine but then when I ate thai chicken with Singapore noodle it caused a reaction (always diarrhea).

I can eat bagels, cake, ice cream....have reacted to a muffin at the coffee shop and their tea biscuit once.

Why can I eat some things and not others? I tend to be fine with things that I have always eaten on a regular basis and make at home.

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If they did a Celiac panel, then, like Cycling said, wait for the answers.  


If it is negative, you may need to do an elimination diet.  There are lots of ways to do this but the basic premise is - eat a few simple foods you know you are good with.  Feel well on these for a few weeks and then add something else in for a week and see.  That is the basic idea.  You may find its as simple as oats and spicy foods.  Or too much fat or not enough fiber.

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