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Blood Test Negative...

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Got results of my celiac blood test and they were negative. 

Also today I had the endo/colonoscopy (trying to rule out cause of severe anemia). 

Nothing abnormal found,and biopsy  was taken. Anyone know how long that takes to come back? 


I'm frustrated that there was nothing abnormal found (yet thankful no cancer, ulcers,etc) but I really would like to know why I was so anemic. It would just be nice to know if I need to be completely gluten free. 

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When you say you want to know if you need to be completely gluten free does that mean you have been gluten light? If so that will cause a false negative on testing. After all celiac related testing is done a trial of a strict gluten free diet would be a good idea. If your issues resolve you have your answer no matter what the test results have shown.

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