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I just completed a 9 week gluten challenge today and did my endoscopy as well as the celiac serology panel (had 8 biopsies taken as well as all the blood work recommended by the many fabulous ppl on here!)


I had a colonoscopy done a few months ago, and copious amounts of blood taken. 


I'm feeling overwhelmed and weepy after all of this. I think it's a mix of FINALLY being done the gluten challenge as well as the meds for the endoscopy and some of the results I was given... 


Here is the info I was given today:


Low B12

Low Iron



Severely lactose intolerant (was NOT expecting that!)


My colonoscopy showed that I have:


Lymphocytic Colitis


Now I wait for the rest of the results for celiac. After being gluten light for 2 years, then doing the challenge for 9 weeks I know I will be gluten-free no matter what the test results. It was not a good 9 weeks for me. 


I'm trying to process what food will look like for me now… gluten-free, lactose free, and I'm allergic to eggs… 


I would love any support, advice, etc. 



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Almond milk, olive oil instead of butter, and they make a dairy-free cheese substitute too. And gluten-free of course, you already know how to do. Eggs? Well I haven't tried it because I can eat eggs, but they say chia seeds soaked in water make a good egge substitute in cooking.


The important thing right now is your testing is done and you can now start feeling better. Cruise the recipe section for more ideas on cooking. There are a bunch of folks here with the same restrictions you have.


My advice to you today? Take a nap! It's amazing how resfreshed in body and mind a 20 minute nap can make you feel. You just might wake up with energy and a new determination. (((HUGS)))

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If the lactose intolerance is caused by celiac disease (the villi of the intestines make lactase to digest lactose - damaged villi do not make much lactase) then you may regain dairy in 6 months to a couple of years.  I have found that I can handle dairy MUCH better than I could two years ago.


Eating dairy free is not too hard.  I like coconut milk/cream as a milk substitute.  Coconut yogurt is a great stand in for sour cream.  There is a good cheese substitute (for cooking) called Daiyo ... or something like that.  Coconut oil is a good butter substitute, so is Earth Balance (I think is the name).


Ditto Bartfull  about the egg substitute.  Chia meal (seeds ground up) soaked in water will make a very good egg substitute.  You can also buy powdered egg substitute.  Using applesauce can even work to some degree.


Use sublingual B12 vitamins - they absorb much better that pills.


Good luck with the tests.  I hope they give you some clear results.  :)  And give yourself time to adjust.  The first few months are tricky, but the difficulties don't last.

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Thank you -- sleep was exactly what I needed. I woke up this morning realizing I was already on my way to being dairy free because  since Jan I have been swapping out cow milk for almond or coconut milk. I do love my specialty cheeses but I'd rather feel good. Yogurt will be tough. Although I've been making my own and apparently after I've healed for a bit I may be able to introduce that again.. or make it with goat milk or one of the nut milks. 


I'm on day 1 of the SCD and feeling good - tired, but good and ready to HEAL! 


The Dr. called last night as well saying my fecal sample showed a parasite so now I'll do 10 days of AB. I've avoided AB for 10 years now but I'm willing to take these to help kick this thing out and get some good healing results. 


Any suggestions for a probiotic? How many a day and for how many days? 

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Get the one with the most live organisms as you can find. And do NOT take them at the same time as the antibiotic. Most antibiotics you take with meals so if you do breakfast at 6 and lunch at noon, take the probiotic on an empty stomach at 9.

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