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Confused About Test Results

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i'm confused if I have celiac or not. my naturopath ran the panel but the endomysial and reticulin iga ab screen came back negative but she says I have it. here are my results:


tissue transglutaminase igg ab: 26 the reference range is (0-15)

tissue transglutaminase iga ab: 32 the reference range is(0-15)

Gliadin igg antibody: 35 the reference range is (0-15)

Gliadin iga antibody: 21 the reference range is (0-15)

Endomysial iga ab screen, reflex to titer: negative reference range negative

Reticulin iga/igg antibody screen, refix to titer: negative reference range negative


so if endomysial and reticulin are negative what does that mean i'm so confused...were those not tested since the first 4 came back positive? if anyone can help this newbie I would appreciate it. I go back to see her in 3 weeks so I will ask again then but in the meant time...thanks for any help in advance!

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Ditto.  If your disease is not too advanced, the EMA IgA will appear negative for many people.  The test is very similar to the tTG IgA, of which you were over double the normal limit.


The reticulin tests are quite old and rarely used anymore because the newer tests of tTG  are more reliable.  The (anti-) gliadin antobodies tests (AGA IgA and AGA IgG) are usually the oldest tests out there and they have been largely phased out because the deaminated gliadin peptides tests (DGP IGA and DGP IgG) are so much more sensitive and specific to celiac disease; yours caught you though!


That is an overwhelmingly positive celiac disease panel.  Many celiacs will only get one or two positive tests but you are positive in four... I'm afraid a celiac disease diagnosis is a pretty sure thing.  :(


You should get your naturopath to refer you to a GI specialist, or go see your GP and have him do it.  You'll want that diagnosis to go on your records if you ever need food accommodations (like in a hospital or nursing home).  The Gastro may want to do the endoscopy which requires you are eating gluten in the month prior to testing so consider that before going gluten-free.


Welcome to the board and best wishes.  :)


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