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Yes, another newbie here!

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I haven't been diagnosed with celiac because I haven't had the testing done. But I was diagnosed with a gluten "sensitivity" via saliva. I've been seeing a functional dr because of issues that came out of nowhere 4.5 months ago (anxiety attacks, insomnia, off balance feeling, fatigue, weakness and sudden weight loss). He ran a bunch of blood work and a 24 HR saliva test (which also checked cortisol levels). Turned out I also have a vit D deficiency (17.4), problems digesting protein and high am cortisol. So I'm on 5,000 I/U a day of vit d3 w/vit K, digestive enzymes and Adrenacalm cream. 


I've now been gluten-free free for 6 days but not worrying about cross contamination because I didn't know about it until reading this board. My dr mentioned nothing about it. I can honestly say I feel no better and in fact my off balance feelings and energy levels are worse! Last week I was starting to feel a lot better but between the diet changes and supplements I'm worse (I've lost weight again despite trying to keep up my calories).  :( I have read withdrawal can mimic these things I'm feeling but can it make already existing issues worse? 

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to "meeting" you all!!! 

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I'm no expert, and I haven't been diagnosed.

I am a nurse and I think that if it's possible that you should get the celiac  testing done so that you know if gluten is causing your symptoms.  It may be celiac or gluten, but it may be something else and it would be a shame for  you to live longer feeling bad than you need to.

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Welcome to the board.

I agree that getting the blood tests done might be a good idea before you have been off gluten for too long. Ask for the the tissue transglutaminas IgA and IgG, deaminated gliadin peptidea IgA and IgG, endomysial antibodies IgA, total serum IgA and maybe the old anti-gliadin antibodies tests.

As for withdrawal, it can make some symptoms worse. It's a pretty short term issue though so it should be gone with a few weeks.  I experienced it too and remember extreme fatigue, crankiness and a crazy migraine.

Keep in mind that going gluten-free is not a quick fix.  Some symptoms will get worse before they get better, some symptoms yo-yo good to bad for a few months, and some symptoms may take  a few months or year to get better.  If you are going strictly gluten-free, give the diet a good six months.

Best wishes. :)


"Acceptance is the key to happiness."

ITP - 1993

Celiac - June, 2012

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