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I got well, also.  The past three years were very trying, but I feel great!  To make a long story short without all the details, I've gained 18 pounds since June and lost my dairy intolerance.  I haven't tried straight milk yet, but I can put cream in my coffee without a problem.  It wasn't easy and included a couple unexpected bowel surgeries (not related to celiac), a broken hip, and two "glutenings" since my final diagnosis. I can now eat whatever I want now, except gluten, of course.  Stick closely to your diet, and be hopeful that you will get there eventually.

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Rockstar Kate,

Thanks for posting your success story!  It does my heart good to hear of your good efforts and good luck.

I was also quite sick at your age; but missed getting diagnosed.  I was completely focused on getting through a professional school at the time.  No time to take care of my health.  No insurance.  No money. No support system. Big mistake.

Anyway, I'm very happy for you and your good health!  Congrats and continued success!

Again, thank you for posting.

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