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Delayed reaction to gluten?

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Hi all, first time poster! Please feel free to move my thread to the relevant section of I've misposted it here...

OK, so a week last Tuesday I had a takeaway pizza and dough balls and I kinda felt ok the next few days apart from a 'palpitation' sensation when I breathed. That had since left. Also had some heartburn which had cleared up. 

Skip forward to last Monday and I ate a dinner of pork and leek (it was a large thick leek) and the next day I got so bloated it caused me to be short of breath, which seems a normal reaction. 

I am still bloated, I've tried everything. I haven't been very regular and yesterday and today it has been very watery  (sorry about this!). 

Could this be a delayed reaction to gluten, or is it an intolerance to leeks? Has anyone else been through something similar? 

I should note that I have no pain whatsoever. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Who knows?  We are not doctors here.  Please consult with your doctor if you suspect celiac disease.  It could be a virus, food poisoning or whatever!    As far as the leeks are concerned you could have an intolerance or you can blame gluttony!  ?. I hope you feel better soon.  

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