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Help me interpret Result

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My 7 year old has had digestive issues since she was a baby.    She had severe Cholic as a baby.   Then as a toddler had problems with toilet training.   She eventually potty trained and then regressed at 5 years old.   And now has Encopresis.   She was referred to a GI specialist recently as we have been going to the doctor over this for years and keep getting brushed off.    The GI did a blood test and she tested low for Alakaline Phosphetase.     

Her Celiac came back as this:

TTG AB IGG <1 U/mL  
<6 No Antibody Detected
> OR = 6 Antibody Detected
(TTG) AB IGA <1 U/mL  
<4 No Antibody Detected
> OR = 4 Antibody Detected

Can someone tell me if this is normal???   Does she have Celiac?   Is she borderline??    I know very little about this disease, and am so frustrated with not having any answers to my daughters condition.   

Can someone interpret this for me?



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I am sorry that your daughter is ill!  No matter what the outcome, please continue to advocate for her health! 

The way you presented the results, it appears that she tested negative.  BUT.....BUT.....did the doctor test her for an IgA deficiency?  That would let us know if the TTG IgA test is valid or not.  Also, the complete panel which includes DGP and EMA testing was not done.  In smaller kids and some adults (me!), the TTG does not work.  It is a pretty good test and is often used for screening because it is very effective, but let's face it, it's cheaper than running the entire panel.    My doctors are pretty perplexed as to why I never test positive on the TTG tests, yet with just a positive DGP, my biopsies revealed moderate to severe damage.  

So, ask for the complete panel.  Check to see if the IgA deficiency test was given.  And finally, research more!  Here's some links about what I wrote:


Jebby (a celiac.com member) writes this blog.  She is a Neonatal (Premie) doctor who happens to have celiac disease and four kids, so she keeps up on testing, etc.:


I hope this helps! 



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