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Hey Guys,

So my gut issue has never fully resolved. Now I seem to get a lot more d especially in the mornings and I end up being more constipated at night. My joints are killing me and I am constantly brain fogged and fatigued. My bowl movements smell horrible and my gas is no better. Still waiting on my celiac panel results but a few things that are bothering me are the following. First off I have been taking 5000iu of vitamin d3 a day now for about 5 months and my levels are still only 14. Next my Ferritin levels are elevated 550 and my iron is low normal 79. I don't know what could be causing that. Next my liver level is a little elevated the SGPT was 89. Also I cannot seem to get control of my thryoid. I am on 240mg of Armour and my TSH is still 5.5. What do you think is up guys? I've also started devleloping a rash on my elbow. The rash is already starting to scab over in the picture.


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Hi Scotty,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are not doing well.  As far as the thyroid goes, have you had free T3 and Free T4 tested?  Those give a much better picture of your thyroid function than TSH.  Have you had antibodies tested?

As another celiac with thyroid issues, I've come to realize that if the thyroid is off, nothing else works right.

I think it's also important to see how your celiac panel comes back.  If your antibodies are up then you're getting gluten somewhere and will have to get that figured out.

In 5 months the D should have come up some for you which makes the celiac testing all the more important.  Why aren't you absorbing?  I wish I knew.  

Thank you GFINDC for the link...my vitamin D wasn't on the list...I'm going to switch.  My levels have come up, but so very slowly.

I hope you get some answers, please let us know when your results come back.

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