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Test Results - Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity

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The results of my celiac panel to me are not "clear cut" enough for me to confirm Celiac, but my PCP said it is enough for her (high IGG, IgA).  I have not had any other testing besides this panel.  Wouldn't TtG need to be high to confirm diagnosis?  Also shouldn't an upper endoscopy be done?  Thank you for your input.

My results are below: 




Gliadin Ab IgA 42 UNITS <20 UNITS




RETICULIN AB (IGA) SCREEN Negative   Negative



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You are right that the next step is an endoscopy, which still is the "gold standard" in diagnosing celiac disease.   However, for various reasons the endoscopy is not done because financial contraints  or long wait times (up to a year!), or too ill to proceed.  

You have two positives.  You only need one positive to move forward.    The TTg tests  do not need to be positive for a diagnosis (which requires a positive on an antibodies test which you had and an endoscopy).  My TTg tests were negative and I only had a positive on the DGP IGA, yet biopsies revealed a Marsh Stage IIIB (moderate to severe damage.


Unless your PCP is a celiac expert (unlikely), I would insist on a GI consult.   Please find one who is celiac-savvy.  

keep eating gluten daily until all testing is complete (biopsies done).  You never know if lab results are going to get lost.  Besides any celiac testing requires the patient to be on a gluten diet. 

In the meantime, keep on researching.  Only YOU can be your best health advocate!  

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