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Should I be concerned with my levels?

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I just got my test results back for Celiac. While I was not diagnosed with it, I want to get someone's opinion on my test result levels because while I'm in the "normal range," my numbers are so low.

Is it something I should be concerned about?

Also, I have been trying to avoid too many carbs, therefore haven't had a lot of bread or rice for the past couple of weeks, would that have affected my test results?



Immunoglobulin A - 220 mg/dL (standard range 71-397 mg/dL)

Transglutaminase iga - <0.5 U/mL (standard range <15 U/mL)

Transglut ab igg - <0.8 U/mL (standard range <15 U/mL)

Gliadin pep ab iga - 0.9 (standard range <15 U/mL)

Gliadin pep ab igg - <0.4 U/mL (standard range <15 U/mL))

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Those numbers are all perfect meaning they show you likely don't have celiac.  Those tests are very accurate IF you are eating a normal diet of gluten.  You must be eating gluten for weeks prior to this testing.  So if you have not been then yes these results are not accurate.

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