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Folic Acid Intolerance?!?!?

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So after a bunch of experimentation, I am 99% sure that I fine with gluten but have a folic acid intolerance. I did a bunch of tests, and everything that has folic acid in it (usually enriched flour), I had terrible problems, but breads without folic acid I can eat all day. Every breakfast cereal makes me throw up, but I just found Trader Joe's puffins (no folic acid) and I'm fine. I mention this because I've been on and off this board for 18 months trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me, and just to put it out there for future people with non-celiac gluten intolerance to consider. I really haven't seem much on this (very little on google, one person posting on this board a while back), so if anyone knows anything about  this, I'd appreciate info. As always, I am enormously grateful to everyone here for the help and support!

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Have you done SIBO testing? My endo told me that bad bacteria in the gut will cause higher folic acid levels. Of course, in my case i was supplementing with a b complex which could also have been the cause.  But high levels can cause gastro symptoms and even a zinc deficiency. 

Get them checked and see where your levels are at. 

Awesome username btw....

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