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11 Year Old's IGA results.. confused

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Over a year with stomach issues and many many test...  A PA suggested testing for celiac disease.   I called to get results however she was not in.  The other PA told me they were normal and maybe he had a sinus infection .. ugh!  The IGA test shows 45..  and the range shows 68-408.  This was the only test done.  So if he was in that range does that mean positive??  Or out of the range positive ??  I have been Dr. Googleing for the last 48 hours.  I also read that he could be IGA deficient with those numbers ?  We have appointment with specialist next week but as a worried mom I was hoping to get some answers and get educated sooner.  Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks

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Welcome.  That test is just an IgA deficiency test, but it is not a celiac test.  The IgA deficiency,  in conjunction with the celiac:  TTG IgA, DGP IgA, or EMA IgA, is used as a control test.  It confirms that the three celiac tests actual work.  

Be sure to read "One more thing...." as it explains the IgA deficiency result would have to close to zero.  Your son's result was a 48 and NOT close to zero.  


Your son is a little low in IgA, but that would not affect his celiac results.  

An IgA deficiency is another issue completely.  

It is hard to be patient, but your bet bet is to wait for your appointment.  In the meantime, get and keep all copies of his lab results and make a record of all his doctor visits/diagnosis/outcomes.  I maintain my families records and many a doctor has been grateful over the years! 

Hang in there!  

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And make sure to keep him on a normal gluten diet!!!!!! VERY important!!!!!!

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