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Are my symptoms connected?

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I've done hours and hours of research desperately trying to find any clues of anyone who has had similar symptoms to me and I can't quite find anyone's that are similar enough to mine, so figured it create my own thread!

So, in the past year or so I have ben extremely constipated (for up to 5 days approx.) leading to bloating that LITERALLY made me look 6 months pregnant, I took gluten out of my diet immediately but I feared the consequences of going gluten-free without a diagnosis. I did feel better, especially as I'm also a vegan I can rule out things like dairy, but I wasn't sure if it was placebo and me convincing myself, however I was able to go to the washroom much more NORMALLY! Also, I want to add that sometimes the bloating came along with INTENSE pain but not always? (is this unpredictability of pain normal?)

Secondly, I've been on the pill for years but after coming off it, I realized that I was suffering from Secondary Amenorrhea, pointing potentially towards celiac. Lastly, I have been extremely imbalanced; severe vaginal dryness and almost no discharge!!! 

Anything helps, I really want to get to the bottom of this!


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Several I know get the pregnant looking belly swelling with gluten, I get the constipation after day 2 of exposure and I used to have it last up to 10 days before I got my diagnosis. PS nothing ever helped with the constipation aside from 1-2 whole bottles of magnesium citrate laxatives.

Keep eating gluten you need to be on it for 12 weeks for the blood test and 2 weeks for the following endoscope. Go see your doctor and ask for a FULL celiac blood test, after the results on that you can post them here and others will help you interpret them. Even if you get a negative on teh blood test I would still suggest following up with a endoscope to check out your small intestines regardless and get some biopsies.  


Diagnosed Issues
Celiac (Gluten Ataxia, and Villi Damage dia. 2014, Villi mostly healed on gluten-free diet 2017 confirmed by scope)
Ulcerative Colitis (Dia, 2017), ADHD, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome (form of autism)
Allergies Corn, Whey
Peanuts (resolved 2019), Cellulose Gel, Lactose, Soy, Yeast
Olives (Seems to have resolved or gone mostly away as of Jan, 2017), Sesame (Gone away as of June 2017, still slight Nausea)
Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
Occupation Gluten Free Bakery, Paleo Based Chef/Food Catering

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Here is testing information:


Get tested.  If negative, your doctor can look for other issues.  You can not go by symptoms alone because there are over 300 of them and they all tend to overlap with other diseases.  

See your GYN for the hormonal issues.  No need to suffer!  

Non-functioning Gall bladder Removal Surgery 2005

Diagnosed via Blood Test (DGP IgA only) and Endoscopy: March 2013

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Repeat endoscopy/Biopsies: Healed

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