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Reactive hypoglycemia and anxiety in withdrawal

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6 hours ago, Kirsty40 said:

Is it common to experience reactive hypoglycemia and anxiety after eating in the gluten withdrawal phase? 

What do you mean by reactive hypoglycemia? If you mean low blood sugar, yes. And you may notice that from now on. I never used to have "low" blood sugar (except when I was pregnant sometimes). I went to my mom's in May and I hadn't eaten in like 4.5 hours. I felt ok. But she's T2 diabetic and has a glucometer and I was curious to see how my sugars were (I don't have diabetes but have a strong family history). My blood sugar was 62. That's pretty low. I don't think it would have ever been like that before. 

I know that people told me I could feel just plain "ick" when I was coming off gluten. I think that the low blood sugars can cause you to feel shaky and yucky. I know I feel freaked out when my blood sugar gets low. I just feel "off". 

Be sure you're eating proteins to balance out your carbs. When you just eat carbs your pancreas reacts to that and if you don't have proteins or fibers to balance it out it goes haywire and can go overboard. I'm not really a sweet eater, but when I do eat any carbs I eat a protein with it. I believe that if I ate something sweet now, like a gluten free brownie or something (on an empty stomach) that I'd crash quickly. 

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