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Been mucking around with going gluten free, now need to get tested properly. What's involved?

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Hi. I have type 1 diabetes, now hyperthyroid as well. I mostly stopped eating gluten a couple of yrs ago, in an effort to help my blood sugar control. Because it was a personal choice, if I fancied gluten, like when offered cake, I had some. 

Since my hyperthyroid diagnosis my doctor suggested doing a gluten tolerance test. I feel like I'm eating a lot of gluten, very bloated and no longer getting hungry. It's only nearly 2 weeks. 

My doctor said 4 weeks should b enuf, that I don't need to do the whole six weeks. Everything I read says at least 6 weeks. I'm eating 3 to 4 slices of bread a day. Any opinions on how long I need to do this?


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I believe it's one slice of bread per day for 12 weeks. You should get the full celiac panel done because a high on any one test should lead to an endoscopy/biopsies being done by a gastroenterologist to verify a celiac diagnosis. The full celiac panel includes TTG IGA  and IGG, DGP IGA  and IGG, EMA, IGA.


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Oh, I would hate to have you test negative because your gluten challenge was not long enough.




If you were going straight to an endoscopy to obtain intestinal biopsies, the challenge is much shorter.  At least your doctor recognizes the strong link between Thyroid, TD1 and celiac disease.  Talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns.  Share this research with him.  

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