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Doctors Vs. Pharmaceutical Companies

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I was thinking that we need to get the makers of gluten free foods involved. They stand to make a lot of money if this catches on. :)

The biggest objections I have seen from people I know has been the cost of the diet and the inconvenience.

The transition from gluten containing foods to gluten free foods would so much easier if we had better food resources.

If we get companies like Bob's, Amy's and Pam's involved and somehow get them to lower their prices, I know I for one would purchase more ready made foods. I just spent $4.29 on a box of 9 cookies. But, I won't do this again anytime soon. I resent paying that much.

They need to start advertising on tv too. Even if it is public tv.

Good thread ... Marcia :)

Jan 1990 - Dx CFS/ME/FM (URI's, Ataxia, myoclonus, orthostatic hypotension, insomnia, brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat... ) Completely Disabled (housebound and bedridden at times)

2004 - Digestive pain all the time.

May 2004 - Hiatal hernia, erosive gastritis, gastroparesis (endoscopy)

August 2004 - Colon polyps, diverticulitus, internal hemorrhoids (colonoscopy)

No relief from Nexium, Prilosec, Protonix, Zelnorm, Miralax, Imodium, Lomotil ...

July 2005 - GP recommended WFDFSFEFCF + vegan (Also, anything that hurts free)

Immediately stopped needing naps and digestive pain reduced.

Sept 2005 - GFDFCFSFEF + chemical free - Immediately stopped feeling jittery / buzzing and digestive issues were much better.

June 2006 - Dx B12 and iron deficient. Started B12 injections and using cast iron pan.

August 2006 - MYOCLONUS GONE. (off Klonopin)

September 2006 - ATAXIA, INSOMNIA and Feeling like the floor was moving under my feet gone.

June 19, 2007 - Positive DQ2, Dx Celiac

October 2007 - Sleeping like a baby, waking up with energy, but still having fatigue/stamina issues

Nov 2007 - Started Paleo diet for chronic hypoglycemia

April 2008 - GTT normal. I'm no longer hypoglycemic. Started Low oxalate diet for kidney stones.

May 1, 2008 - Began salt loading for OI/NMH - noticed immediately muscle weakness was gone. I was sodium deficient but my labs don't reflect it. Still working on OI and PEM.

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With something like potentially 30% of the population being suspectible to food intolerances to wheat... I'm thinking maybe the human race took a wrong turn a few thousand years ago when it got addicted to gluey grains. In my fantasy I'd like to see it acknowledged that eating wheat is unhealthy and see the human race change its collective diet back to pre-wheat times, rather than try to affect a cure for something we shouldn't be eating. It's like finding a cure for arsenic poisoning... prevention is the best cure!

Then perhaps it would be possible to walk into any restaurant or go to any friend's house and not have to worry if they're serving any arsenic. :P


This post sums up my feelings exactly. I would like to have more dining/gluten-free product choices. I don't know how effective or cheap anything the drug companies could come up with that would be any better than the diet. I would like to see research more in the development of a grain or product like bread that has the same properites as the forbidden list but would be ok for someone with celiac. The food and beverage industry has the greatest potential for growth if they can produce products that are both flavorful and easy to obtain. The 30% number you made reference to is most important because that is the real potential that a food company should see and not the 1% that keeps getting mentioned. I don't think anyone really knows how many people might be affected by symptoms of this diet. Getting a good product and trying to stimulate the market may be the best approach rather than waiting until the demand is great and then scrambling to produce something. The companies like Glutino (in Canada) have very good products and are already years ahead of the US companies. I am waiting for the day when I can go into any convenience store or resturant and get something to eat just like anyone else. The company in the US that sees this potential will profit way beyond their dreams.


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