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Holy Masabsorbtion, Batman!

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Just wondering if the malabsorption could have another contributing source is all...

Wow! I've never seen anyone post with results above 1000. I thought mine was high at 912. :blink:

The malabsorption can be caused by lots of other factors. Some of them are listed on the report that Enterolab sends with the results.

I knew I had pretty bad malabsorption just based on my weight loss and my stools floating, undigested food, etc. It didnt resolve after going gluten-free.

I'm doing alot better now and my stools are totally normal. :)

I had to remove alot of things from my diet to get there and things can still change drastically if I'm not careful what I put into my body.

I think the problem is still there for me but I'm just doing the best I can right now to eat only the things that arent causing problems.


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