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Canadian Karen

Has Anyone Heard Of This Or Had It Done?

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To all you guys who have seen these "alternative" practitioners, did you have to sign a waiver declaring that you weren't someone who was representing a government agency with the intent of entrapment? I guess the fact that I had to do that gave the whole thing an air of "illegality"........


No not with this clinic but it was back in the 80's when they probably got away with more.

Does anyone remember a time when hydrogen peroxide was a cure all? You were supposed to dilute it and drink it. Its claim was to deliver oxygen and kill certain types of disease for instance candida in you gut.

Anyway you could buy it flavored and all ready mixed to the proper dilution by calling this number. Well the guy that answered must of got his hiney kicked by authorities. He was sure I was a reporter and started giving me the third degree. I was almost in tears because I just didn't expect it. Good thing in the long run because I know now it wasn't a good thing to do.

If they don't have anything to hide then they shouldn't worry right. Sounds like a good assignment for "Stone" to do from 20/20.

hehe Gail


I'm not sure exactly what type of testing you had done but it doesn't sound anything like BioSET. I never got shot up with any kind of "concoctions" either. :unsure:

Thanks Loraleena,

I'm gonna post about how my treatments go and any progress I make (or dont make)....I'll keep you informed. ;)

BioSET is not illegal here in the U.S. either....why would it be?? :huh:

You're right though.....the US is always the last to know. :rolleyes:


No this wasn't BioSet it was what Karen was talking about. BioSet sounds alot different and its been nice listening to how your doing with it. Maybe in the future this is something I'll look into.


Gluten Free since Jan. 06

Gluten intolerant. DQ 0301 DQ 0602

Lactose intolerant.

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To all you guys who have seen these "alternative" practitioners, did you have to sign a waiver declaring that you weren't someone who was representing a government agency with the intent of entrapment? I guess the fact that I had to do that gave the whole thing an air of "illegality"........



I didnt have to sign anything like that. The BioSET clinic I go to seems like a pretty busy place. I schedule my appts. in advance because they get booked up. I guess I see that as a "good sign". The clinic is actually in the mall...which at first turned me off...I thought it was kind of "cheesy" that it was in the mall and I didnt want to go. :rolleyes:

My Dr. had told me to not be put off by the fact that it was in the mall. He told me about the practitioners background and her credentials...saying that shes "practically" a Dr. herself. I wasnt disappointed when I had my first appt. with her.

Even though I dont know if this is truelly gonna help me I'm going with it because I really trust the practitioner. She's very intelligent....I'm really picky about who I see and if I feel like I know more than the person who's suppossed to "help" me...I wont go back to them. I never felt that way with her....I look forward to my appts. because I love to ask questions and learn from her.

I agree with Mamaw in that it *can* work if you find a reputable practitioner that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Its really not any different from finding a good Dr. you can trust....which isnt at all easy.....its taken me 4 years to find a really good doctor who I feel can actually help me.


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I believe in doctors who believe in both types of treatments. Neither is 100% right but by using both , you get the best in both worlds.

I couldnt agree more! I didnt have luck with mainstream Dr.'s.....in fact I feel they were a hazard to my health. :blink:

I didnt get anywhere when I saw a naturopath either. Nobody seemed to be able to help me. :(

My current Dr. is an M.D. with nearly 30 years in internal medicine but he also studied chronic disease and more alternative types of treatment. He incorporates both modalities in his practice. He's the first Dr. to correctly diagnose me...and on the very first visit even!

I will say my practitioner never ever told me he could heal any autoimmune disease.. in fact every time I leave his office he says keep on the gluten-free diet, it is the only thing to do for celiac disease.

My practitioner found numerous problems with me in the initial testing. Not only Lyme Disease but all of the things that can pile on top of that when left untreated. So I showed problems with my liver detox pathways not functioning, major candida and mold problem, heavy metal build-up, a huge list of food and environmental sensitivities, etc. She was actually kind of shocked at how much was going on with me. She said she'd seen it before but its been awhile since shes had someone as "reactive" as me.

She never said she could "cure" me of anything. What she said was that she would send a report of her findings to my Dr. and he could follow up with further testing. She said its up to him to treat me for Lyme, candida, heavy metals or any other medical issues. Her job would be to "assist" him by reducing the "allergies" and taking that burden off of my immune system. She also works on getting me to detox and getting my liver detox pathways functioning again.


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Ok, Quackwatch can be a bit overzealous. But do a google search on Electrodermal testing and read up. There's a lot of states prosecuting people who do this. BMJ published a double-blind clinical trial result here.

I'm not against alternative medicine either and use quite a few things, some effective, some not. But that's a sizeable chunk of money to spend for something that has such a dubious reputation and tends to land people in court. At least investigate it with someone other than people who are trying to promote it, like you have by posting here and doing a google search on "electrodermal testing" and "electrodermal testing fraud" does have results worth reading.

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Ok, Quackwatch can be a bit overzealous. But do a google search on Electrodermal testing and read up. There's a lot of states prosecuting people who do this. BMJ published a double-blind clinical trial result here.

This is from your link....

As IgE dependent food allergyfor example, to milk, eggs, or nutshas the same pathophysiological basis as mucosal responses to aeroallergens, we conclude that the Vegatest is an inappropriate tool for diagnosing any form of immediate hypersensitivity. However, we recognise that electrodermal testing, when used to assess "antigens" in a non-blinded manner, is usually used to evaluate food intolerance rather than to diagnose allergies in the traditional sense of the term.8 We did not investigate food intolerance, partly because there is no universally recognised conventional test for food intolerance against which to evaluate electrodermal testing.

This clinical trial is focused on IgE allergies and yet they recognize that electrodermal testing is used for evaluating food intolerance rather than to diagnose allergies in the traditional sense??? So how are the results of this "trial" of any use to someone like me?? It doesnt tell me anything?? :unsure:

Also...I would think if this type of testing were illegal in any way.....they wouldnt have a very successful clinic right here in the Bay Area....located in a popular mall??? Doesnt make any sense to me....I dont get the feeling that anything "fishy" is going on at all.

After all this I'm gonna bring this subject up to my practitioner....I'm gonna ask her if she's ever been prosecuted. Afterall she's been doing this type of testing all over the US and Canada. This is from her credentials....

As an attorney, she also donates her time freely to assist on legal matters concerning expanding insurance coverage for alternative medical care, acupuncture scope of practice, peer review, and rules and regulations regarding the use of herbal medicine.

Someone in her family also just ran for Mayor of Milpitas...here in the Bay Area...not sure if it was her husband or brother?? My brain (even though somewhat impaired from the Lyme) is just telling me that she's not running some illegal scam right here in a Bay Area mall....with her family member running for Mayor. <_<

I never tested positive for any IgE "true" allergies. I dont have IgE allergies. I have numerous intolerances due to an overly toxic body and impaired detox capabilities....an overloaded liver. I dont go to BioSET to find out if I have "true" allergies...why pay the $$ money for that?? IgE mediated allergies are obvious and can be tested for with traditional bloodtests.

I did have IgG intolerance tests done but we all know that they arent reliable....the results told me nothing....they were negative even though I react to everything. :huh:

Prior to doing this type of testing I asked my Dr. about the accuracy of the results. He wanted to "confirm" the Igenix results for Lyme with the BioSET testing....since two of my tests were equivocal. I asked him what happens if the BioSET *doesnt* show poitive for Lyme?? Where will we go from there since I did have one positive Igenix test??

He said that the BioSET testing is *highly* sensitive....its overly sensitive. He said if there is a problem the test WILL pick it up.....the only drawback is that the test can also pick up things that arent truelly problems...because its overly sensitive. He wanted to see if the test showed a very STRONG indication of Lyme....which it did....in fact I think it was the strongest response to Lyme antigens that he'd seen from Bioset testing.

I generally *know* which things I'm most bothered by....this goes for foods, environmental allergens, chemicals, etc. Without fail the testing always picks up on these things and they register very high in comparison to other things. So far the testing hasnt given me any reason to have doubt.....although I'm constantly looking for something that doesnt seem right.

One example would be coconut. I react to anything and everything with the slightest bit of coconut. I spent alot of time researching food chemicals and other possibilities for reactions such as mold, salicylates, amines, sulfites, msg. etc. I have problems with food chemicals so always assumed my reactions to coconut were due to salicylates, sulfites.....maybe even mold...but never did I think it was just the coconut itself.

In the bioset testing I ALWAYS respond to anything coconut....coconut oil, coconut butter....more than a dozen things having to do with coconut and I respond to ALL of them. The practitioner actually said "Wow...you're body just really doesnt like coconut....do you ever notice a problem with it??" :blink:

She said that since coconut was so prevelant in the testing I should probably avoid it even after treatments.

The tests also show perfume and laundry products to be worst for me in the way of chemicals. Its true....they have the biggest and most immeditate affect on me. She has not been able to clear these chemical sensitivities in 2 treatments so far. Other less problematic sensitivities have cleared but not these.

So whether or not the actual treatments are going to help me remains to be seen....I have a ways to go with my treatments. I believe that the testing is correctly pin-pointing my problem areas but can the treatments work for me??? I know they've worked for others....Mamaw says they've worked for her. My practitioner says that although I'm not the "sickest" or most "reactive" person she's treated....I'm her biggest challenge ever. :(

I believe all the time I spent on various elimination diets, keeping food diaries, etc. has allowed me to get a very good picture of how my body responds to various things. The testing confirms what I already know to be true...but also gives me an idea of whats going on internally and what types of circumstances are causing my immune system to respond in this manner to so many things. It not only tells me what "allergens" are causing me to react but also what body systems are being affected by that particular "allergen". The testing is very extensive....looks at everything going on in the body. My treatment is not largely focused on foods...even though foods are a problem and are "part" of the treatment program.

I am not far enough into this to comment any further than to say that the testing seems on target in my case.

I'm interested in everyones comments just as much as CanadianKaren is. I didnt find the info. posted to be useful because the clinical trial was based on something completely different from what the testing is actually used for. Its comparing apples and oranges. <_<

The results of the clinical trial...

Furthermore, we recognise that electrodermal testing was developed to aid the prescription of homoeopathic and herbal remedies and not primarily as an allergy test; we made no attempt to evaluate these claims.1 The phenomena involved in electrodermal testing may make it difficult to evaluate in an entirely blind manner, as the person conducting the test may be an important part of the process.

This is exactly whats been stated in this thread already....the testing/treatments are only as good as the practitioner performing them. Finding a "reputable" practitioner is very important.


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For Canadian Karen--- I never had to sign anything in regards to Bio_Set testing. But I don't know what Canada's laws are in regards to practitioners. That may be a common practice for your country...I myself would never sign a waiver.

I could go on & tell you all how many times Bio-set has helped me ,physically, emotional, thyroid issues, blood issues & so many more..Allergies.........to colds & flu....In my immediate family their are 6 of us who use this method of treatment.... Works every time...

Not to bore you with my medical history but it was this type of treatment thst lead me to gluten intolerance. My medical started started many years ago. Gallbladder removed at age 24..Fibromyglia came shortly after (before it was a hip illness) ( I actually call it the waste paperbasket illness, because when doctors can't figure it out they label pain to fibromyglia). From then I was told it was beginning of MS, then maybe Lupus. From there I move onto more serious dx. Next I was told it was Gillian Barre from there & my last dx. is ALS or Lou Gerhig's disease.This dx came just about three years ago. Now if you know anything about ALS , one is given 3-5 years to live & it is not a pleasant 3-5 years.

My family & I felt like we were just given a death sentence. I knew I didn't want to die so I began my journey , praying & crying for days on end.... more praying & trying to grasp the concept that I'm dying.....

One day a few weeks later I awoke (after praying all night) that I be given an answer of why I was so ill & what was going on. In my deepest thoughts a voice came to me & said I didn't have Als.... From that point on I prayed for guidance & again ended up doing Bio-Set.... That testing lead me to the practitioner telling me I had a big problem with wheat & gluten & he couldn't treat it . So he said it must be something autoimmune.

I then did the endo & colonoscopy but had no damage, so the medical doctor said , I didn't have a problem. In the end I started on the gluten-free diet on my own... At one point the doctors thought I was doing the diet because it was the lastest craze ( his words not mine)....

Today, I can now walk, talk & eat just fine....The doctors are still sticking to the Als Dx. They called me a miracle case--- I tell them they missed their dx's....Bio-Set helped me to find out truly what was my problem......




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I was tested several years ago with a machine called a vega machine, which very accurately diagnosed SOME of my intolerances, not nearly all of them. It recognized an intolerance to all nightshades, the combination of grains and fruits, lactose, msg, coffee and chocolate.

I find something that tells you that you're intolerant to macaroni and cheese and other obscure things highly questionable. You're right in not trusting this person. The naturopathic doctor (not practitioner, there is a huge difference) who tested me also tested my oldest daughter, her husband and all her children (except for the two youngest, who weren't born at the time), and eliminating the identified foods has worked miracles with all of them.

The reason why this doctor (practitioner, whatever) wants to have a waiver signed is, that our dear government has taken it upon itself to prosecute whoever works 'outside the box', meaning, will use natural things that the establishment (namely other 'conservative' doctors, and the pharmaceutical industry) doesn't approve of, because they'll lose money.

So, I can understand alternative practitioners asking you to sign a waiver. They try to cover their backs, so government agents won't suddenly barge into their office, take away whatever isn't nailed down and jail the doctor, bankrupting him/her because of legal fees, and taking their license away. Usually all without so much as a complaint from patients.

And it's all done for the 'protection of the patients' (yeah, right), who are often devastated to lose the only doctor who actually managed to make them well.

So, that part is completely understandable. Still, this person sounds like a quack. Don't shell out the big bucks for this person, I wouldn't trust her, either. You need to follow your instincts when it comes to doctors.

I am a German citizen, married to a Canadian 29 years, four daughters, one son, seven granddaughters and four grandsons, with one more grandchild on the way in July 2009.

Intolerant to all lectins (including gluten), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and salicylates.

Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency), hypothyroidism, fatigue syndrome, asthma


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