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My Blood Tests

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same thing happened to me, everybody thought I was crazy, but then the genetic testing found one gene for sure, another one not so clearly. My grand mother had this and both her kids, one being my father , as well. That is all I need. Just because I don't fit the definition of a true celiac so what. I am sick and I get better without gluten. What else do they need. who makes these calls anyway... I am 43 adn finally found an answer to my life's problems. They can call it pseudo celiac if it makes them feel good . The celiac specialist at UW refused to get me the genetic test. she said it is not a diagnostic tool. Well, if all else fails, take medecine in your own hands. I am so disgusted with the medical protocol I could (and did ) puke. I had Herpetiformis dermatitis all over my hands and legs and they still didn't think it was gluten intolerance. you know, people who go to med school are not the type to rock the boat, they mostly try to match a list of symptom with a list of drugs. There are no drugs for celiac, the answer is so simple they don't like it, so it is dismissed all the time. And if they don't have the answer, it certainly must be in your head.

Oh, and guess what, there is going to be more and more of us with head problems, because grain is being bioengeneered to have MORE gluten, and people who might have been marginally sensitive are going to come out of the woodworks. sooner or later, the criteria for celiacs are going to change to fit all kinds of other symptoms that we won't be able to ignore.

Until then, eat in peace...

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