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Urgent - Any Friends Pls Help

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I was so glad to finally read this thread and realize that you are safely home. Everyone was indeed worried.

As far as your Mom's temper tantrums. If she stays TOTALLY gluten free, you and her might notice that they will go away. I used to throw some dandies, along with breaking small stuff within reach of the tantrum. As I was losing my temper, I would be mentally telling myself to stop, but there was no way I could. I was so ashamed of my behavior and had no idea it was gluten. Don't have them anymore which is sure nice for my hubby and me. Within 2 weeks of being gluten free, they were almost totally gone and I continued to improve.

Steve, It is wonderful to see how many friends you have on this forum. Having just joined I have followed your situation with interest ad learned quite a bit about gluten levels in England vs. here in the states.

I noticed this referral to temper tantrums and it hit me I have had some this past year,,,along with throwing small stuff,,,my anger just gets the best of me sometimes. It will be good to think maybe those throwing days are over and I will be more even tempered. I have managed to hide the tantrums to myself (go out into the garage and smash a plate or cup to bits,,then calmy swep it up),,,it helped I was having a garage sale at the time so none of the things were missed.

My mother is bipolar and family dynamics are always tough. She has never been tested for gluten as she has few gastro symptoms. I wonder???

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OK, you guys are my last hope here not to do something really irrepairable....

The short version is that my cousin is getting married and so I'm back in England stopping with my mom who's celiac.

I have been really ill since I arrived, I literally spent most of the last few days in a stupor. My Mom kept getting me food....

Anyway, yesterday I managed not to eat anything and woke up much better ... mom offered to get me breakfast... I actually felt bad because I had been so miserable for the last 3 days ... so I went to get breakfast myself...

I found the "gluten-free" bread and then found out she has been feeding me GLUTEN for 3 days...!

I don't know what to do... I just walked out ... left everything I'm not wearing, my bank cards, passport and everything. I just want to go home to France but my passport etc. is in the house... I walked to a nearby town and managed to get some money from the bank... but its not much ...

My girlfriend is scheduled to land tomorrow, if I had my passport I would just tell her to cancel but I can't get back...

She could bring all my documentation but I still can't get a new passport for a week...

If I go back to my mothers I will say something I don't want ... and I guess if I try and get my passport legally and the police become involved it will be pretty serious....

I am obviously really upset my own mother was feeding me gluten... I still can't believe she would do it but she thinks the 200ppm stuff is OK???? I can't go back the whole kitchen is contaminated...

I even found non gluten-free cookies and stuff ?? At this point I am paranoid enough to wonder if she has been putting them into the food as well..

I really don't know what to do .... The only person I could turn to is her sister... but this is bound to make a further family mess. I'm in a public library now... I will try and come back later ...

Dear gfp,

I know what you mean about insensitive relatives. They could not care less if you get violently ill by even a microscopic amount of gluten. I am stuck living with my parents, and there are crumbs everywhere! Don't feel bad, you are not being paranoid. This is normal for people like us. Now, there is bound to be a way to fix it. There is bound to be a way to stay in a motel or hotel. I know that Homestead Inn is a good place for that. They have kitchens in their suites. I do not know if they have those in England, or just the United States. Traveling is such a problem on this diet. You would think someone would make easy travel cookware or something. I hope things work out. Keep us posted.



P.S. I am glad you made it back home! Are you sure we do not have the same insane family?


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Fibromyalgia - June 2001

IBS - June 2001

Gallbladder Removal - July 28, 2003 after doctor said the tests showed nothing, so it was not gallbladder disease. It was very inflamed and irritated and nearly ruptured the surgeon told me at my 10 day post-op check-up.

Thyroid Disease - August 2004

Celiac Disease - March 2007 Current Dr. refers to me as Celiac, as she says blood tests are often inaccurate.

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