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Bacterial Overgrowth

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I think I might have SIBO or candida(I dont know if that is the same thing) because despite four months on a gluten-free diet, I still have chronic bloating and gas. Can the doctor test for this? How do I go about trying to get rid of it? I tried the candida diet for three days but by the end i was so tired and out of it i could barely drive to work, so I gave in and had some fruit. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. btw I am also dairy, soy, corn free and I am not getting CC from anywhere unless New York Color makeup (you know the really cheap stuff) has gluten in their blush or eyeliner.

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Rene, try posting this question on the OMG thread under other intolerances.

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I thought I had bacteria over growth before I went gluten free. I had this terrible rash, and felt sick shortly after a surgery. Everytime I got the "flu" my rash cleared up. I thought it was all the yeast in the bread I was eating. So, I gave up bread and took yeast cleanse. After that didn't work I convinced my doctor to give me antifungal, and I was on a yeast free diet for months. That didn't work either until I went gluten-free. From my research if you have a real bacteria overgrowth you need an antifungal. A stool sample is controversial because everyone has bacteria, and there noway to know what your bacteria level was before you were sick. There are many books on killing bacteria...yeast cleanse, acidophlus, garlic, yogurt...ect However, those writers still suggested an antifugal, and are dangerous to take.

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If you felt bad on the anti-candida diet, I would guess that it's a candida problem. When the yeast die off, it can make you feel worse as you detox it. All you need to do is slow down the die off by doing what you did, eat a piece of fruit.

Keep in mind, the sugar from the fruit feeds the yeast, but it's not as bad as table sugar. You don't want to make a habit of it, but use it when you get uncomfortable.

Also get a good probiotic. Coconut oil, garlic and onions all kill off yeast, too. I eat coconut oil instead of butter all the time as a preventative measure against candida.

I don't know much about the bacterial overgrowth ... but bacteria is treated with antibiotics, yeast with anti-fungals.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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