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Found Out Why Alex Is Still Sick!

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Alex is also still recovering from ketoacidosis, that can take while for everything to sort itself out. My son has celiac and diabetes. Once his intestine healed, his blood sugars stabalized.

and yes, fiber is used to treat constipation and diarrhea. Pumpkin is quite good for the intestine if she can handle that. Only a tablespoon or two of pure pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie filling that has suagr and stuff). You can find it in the canned vegetable isle of the grocery store. It can be mixed in muffin recipes too...

Fibre settles the gut down an stabalizes it's rhythmic movements. A gentle source such as metamucil is great if foods are restricted for whatever reason

Sugar water would make me throw up too. The dextrose tablets are pleasant tasting and a small volume, I can close my eyes and just let them dissolve....during alow I cant really do much more than that. The icky part of being low is that you know you need to eat, you're shaky and nauseous...nothing appeals to me at that point... flat gingerale isn't too bad if I dont have dextrose tablets.

**a note, it is common to feel cold after a low, its due to the adrenalin response in the body trying to mobilize glycogen stores............get Alex a blanket, a warm soft one, when she is low, and wrap it around her... at least for me and my son we have both said afterwards , how nice it was...

Sandy - someone who lives with it

*P.S. We get grumpy and beligerant because there is not enough glucose for our brain cells to function properly, I do not understand questions, I can't even tell you what I need other then to keep saying (yelling) "I'm Low"...or worse I dont recognize it, others do and I fight it. I have a friend whose husband gets so combative, it takes two paramedics to hold him down to treat him.

Please forgive us when we get like this, its a medical condition and we are in an emergency situation. We dont mean to argue or be difficult...imagine what it's like for us to come out of it and realize how we acted....... :o:(

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Maybe print off some replies so she knows she is not only normal - she is not alone. If she wants to PM me - please tell her to do so - that way she can have a conversation separate from the forum.

Ryan - you must love her very much - you are seeking help and understanding and you are thinking of her first - you are definitley not self centered.

Did you know it's also normal if you feel angry and resentful sometimes too? Find ways to deal with that too, you are not "bad" if some day in the future, you dont handle a low so well - its part of a new life you will come to be more comnfortable with as time goes on.

Any time a life changing diagnosis arrives in our lives - we go through stages of grief as we say goodbye to "normal" and have to learn all this stuff we really could do without - and that includes the loved ones of the person who is sick.

Take care of yourself too.


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PS - my son made a dartboard out of corkboard, its fun distraction for any needles that hurt or if he is just having a day where he wishes he didnt have to take needles. He made a bullseye and tries to hit it with the needle when he's done. We found out its better if its on the floor and he drops it from above - needles dont make good darts for the walls!

You can also cut out pictures and try and hit the face (Yikes)

I love that idea. I think you've inspired me to make that for Alex's upcoming birthday. I think a picture of wheat on the bullseye would be fun! Some times the needles go well and some times they take a bit of anger and swearing to get through. Getting to throw the needle at something after would be very therapeutic for her I think.

Thanks again for all the great info. We have been finding her blood sugar does dip in the middle of the night and she usually wakes up with a nightsweat. We will definitely be vigilant about possible highs the next morning due to that.


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Glad to hear you found out what was going on. What a lucky way things worked out. Hope she feels better soon.

She is lucky to have someone so supportive. At such a young age you both have a lot ot deal with. Good luck

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