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  1. Olestra containg foods all list digestive problems ie. bloating, gas and D .The calorie reduction isn't worth it. Eat some real chips and eat less of them
  2. I didn't really know where to put this. I just wanted to let Joan's fans and any body else who doesn't know her yet to take a look at http;//iamglutenfree.blogspot.com/2007/06/lots-to-share for the latest opinion about her English Muffins. Another fan is born
  3. She is lucky to have someone so supportive. At such a young age you both have a lot ot deal with. Good luck
  4. Part of the problem is that any gluten-free bread is dry and crumbly. Would you consider other bread products for your sandwich ?I have bagels or english muffins that I get from Joans great bakes for sandwiches. Kinnickkinick white bread is okay but it has to be toasted when you use it or it crumbles up.
  5. I was lucky enough to visit NOLA about 3 weeks before Katrina and found it a wonderful and welcoming place. I agree the big easy was easy for celiac dining. I will be back
  6. Hi Bookbabie, I cant let a post about gfbagels go by without telling you about my absolute faves. Joan's gluten-free Greatbakes bagels are far and away the ultimate gluten free bagel .You do not have to toast them. They are wonderful and when I make the everything bagels my house smell like a bagel bakery. You should definately try them next time.
  7. Am I the only one who tried these?? Any one else have something to say?
  8. Hi Loraleena,As far as I am concerned the main ingrediet is MAGIC ,but there is an ingredients page on the website www.gfgreatbakes.com.Almost all the products are listed.
  9. I started with pizza at the vendor fair,but the English Muffins were gone by the time I got there. I just got my first order today and now I know what you all mean WOW they are ENGLISH MUFFINS,nooks,crannys and taste!The pizza is amazing,the muffins are amazing . I havent made the bagels yet.Cant wait for the Sunday times and some lox and cream cheese
  10. Right you are,the chocolate glazed ones were really good. Tasted like doughnuts.Two excellent products,Joan's pizza and the doughnuts,my faves at the fair
  11. I tried it at the Suffolk fair ,OMG it is pizza !Just 6 monthes since my diagnosis and I know what it is supposed to taste like.I bought 3 to take home. It is sooo good!
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