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Last Night we went to Houlihans in Hershey to celebrate one of our coworkers. This was the first time we ever all went out somewhere after work. I sat at the end of a table which I thinked helped with the ordering, since you weren't shouting your order.

I ordered a steak salad. Remember to order w/o onions, because they put breaded onions on top of this particular salad (which I did not know, but since I don't like onions I had opted to not have them. The girl next to me had the same salad and the onions were breaded) I got dressing on the side, which is normal for me. I ordered the steak to be plain not seasoned or marinated.

The waitress put the order in and when the meals came out she came and told me that they were remaking mine because they had accidently seasoned it. She seemed knowledgable and understood the whole allergy thing.

This is a relatively new place in town, open a year if that.

Just thought I would share, I saw on the website that there are Houlihans across the US.

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    This is good advice. Some restaurants offer gluten-free menus or mark items with “GF” on their regular menu, and I try to eat at such places. I still talk to the manager when I order to be sure. 
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