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Family Dinner, Royal Fork

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My husband's family is having a big get-together on Sunday. They are going someplace called Royal Fork, which I am told is a buffet. We're in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and I have only moved here recently.

Does anyone know anything at all about this chain? Would there be any way of me getting something safe to eat? Or will I just have to sit there and watch everyone else eat?

There are only three restaurants in town where I feel safe eating: Outback, Qdoba and a family owned Indian restaurant. Sioux Falls has no Carraba's, no PF Chang's, no other places that have a gluten free menu that I know of. My relatives are really tired of having to eat at the same places over and over just to accommodate me.

So this time I will have to accommodate them. But will a buffet style place even let me in the door if I tell them I won't be eating any of their food? Would they freak out if I brought something of my own to eat?

Oh, and I'm going to be spending a week in Florida in October with these people. I'm bringing as much of my own food with me as I can, but they really love to eat out, and I suspect I'm going to be dragged along to a lot of questionable places. I hate being a party pooper, but I've explained my dietary restrictions over and over, so I suppose I will just have to grin and eat another rice bar. <_<



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I'm in Sioux Falls too. I have no clue where else you can eat. The ones listed are the only ones that I can say came up when I did a search myself....My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac last week, and I'm just getting used to all of this myself. So, we have stuck very close to home.

If you take them to Minerva's, I'd bet you'd be able to get something really nice without gluten. It is a more expensive place, but should be very accomodating. I should think that INCA's on Western ave would be very good about working with you too (it is a great Mexican place)......


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