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I Might Be Eating Gluten And Not Knowing It...

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I am finding this whole Gluten Free diet a bit on the easy side and maybe that is b/c I am thinking that things are Gluten free and maybe they are not. I am getting good at reading labels and so far do think that I am eating gluten. And I thought that going gluten free would get me away from the junk food....I have a bit of a sweet tooth. But I am still eating potato chips, reading the labels and finding which ones are on the Gluten free lists and buying those ones, my favorite is plain old ripple chips and the ingredients are (potatos, vegetable oil, salt) so to me, they have no gluten in them. But then I realized today...what about cross contamination?? Am I going about this right, if the ingredients are all safe ( I check my list for everything I dont know about) then they are gluten free??

Also I am not supposted to have Dairy at the moment and that is harder for me to watch then the gluten, and I am doing well so far so I dont think that I have been glutened, I dont have any symptoms and I never really did before and I would think now that I am off gluten that if I consummed it I would get sick.


1 negative Bloodtest.

2 positive Bloodtests.(years later)

Positive Biopsy 08/13/07

Gluten Free since 08/23/07

Jess (31)

Daughter (03/23/04) Negative bloodwork (10/22/07)

Son (09/14/06) Negative bloodwork (10/22/07)

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