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What Kind Of Pizza Crust Do You Use?

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Carol Fenster's pizza crust is the best...it is not time consuming at all. I have made both the yeast and yeast free versions in her "Special Diet Solutions" cookbook.

I'll tell you how easy it is...the other day the baby was screaming, playing, and "right up under me" with every step I took. Well, I made her recipe and didn't measure anything! I dumped what "looked about right" into my mixer then slapped it on a pie pan. Whamo!...pizza.

I've done this two more times since then. Don't get me wrong, when the hubby is home, I carefully measure everything. But when it's me vs. my one year old...time is of the essense.

Amazingly, all three times I had to do this "rush method" the pizza crust was still delicious. I have to add that I make this pizza crust a lot!...so, I've got the ingredients memorized.

I also add parmasean cheese to the crust mixture...adds a nice flavor!

The best premade pizza crusts I've tried are made by Kinnikinnick and Ener-G. :)

Happy shopping or baking! -Julie

Loves of my life: God, my hubby, and my baby boy!

"I will never give up on my dreams; I will simply modify my path for reaching them." (JH-me).

"Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow"

(John Michael Montgomery).

"I'm gonna be somebody, one of these days I'm gonna break these chains" (Travis Tritt).

"Life is better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance."

(Garth Brooks).

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STASHU'S AND SON'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had quite a few pizza crusts from resturaunts and home made and packaged. Havn't found anything yet that beats it. Even our non celiac friends and family love it!!! A local guy from here makes it and sells it at HyVee. He also makes the pizza's and calzones...gluten-free of course....in his pizza house. I have had the kininakanik frozen pizza crusts and they are good but this crust is more like what I remember "real" pizza to be.

Myself-Age 25....I have had symptoms since at least 1998 if not since infancy (was diagnosed with malnutrition as a small child)...Positive results with gluten free diet!

Hannah-Age 5.....Has symptoms....Inconclusive blood tests....Positive diet response to both gluten free and lactose free!

Grace-Age 1.....Born at 29 weeks due to me having celiac....Has reflux and a feeding tube.

Husband-Not Celiac......has found that he does feel better when not eating allot of gluten.....is gluten free at home.

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I think Don Pepino's might be an east coast thing or even less widespread, because Don Pepino himself lives in New Jersey. My husband (soon to be ex-husband, woohoo!) met him once in Princeton, where he presented him with a can of sauce. It is really good sauce, except for all the tomato seeds. Nice flavor, too much crunch.

Our sauce (and we like lots of sauce, and thick): spread the crust with tomato puree, sprinkle on garlic powder, onion powder, and oregano. That's it. Add the cheese for the last 4-5 minutes of baking if you don't want it to brown.


I never liked bread anyway.....

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Yea, I found Don Pepino's pizza sauce in a Giant Eagle in Seven Fields.....

A ? for Hannahsue01:::: are you saying sashu&sons have great crusts? Where to do buy them from if so?Or do you have the recipe?


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I like the Gillian's frozen pizza dough that I get at WHole foods. I roll it out a little thinner than they say and I use a pizza stone, comes out GREAT!

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