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  1. I drink Twinings (4-5 Earl Grey teabags a day). No problem.
  2. most pregos are safe (not the meat flavored, I believe) I seem to recall Ragu IS NOT. I like the muir glen organic cabernet marinara. Salsas: I like the muir glen, also Pace is safe and readily available.
  3. well. He doesn't have it, does he?? I've had glutenings that woke me up at night, days when I couldn't move. For 3 YEARS before dx, I felt like I'd been gut kicked all the time, avoided all use of stomach muscles. Worse pain than when I had the swollen spleen from mono.
  4. My Presbyopia diagnosis came right about the same time as the Celiac dx. so, just as I have to start reading allthese labels, I need the reading glasses to do it. talk about adding insult to injury!