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  1. The bread is very good, although 7.50 for a loaf that's half height. She also sells kaiser rolls, hot dog rolls, onion bread, herb bread, cheddar jalapeno, and I expect more as they are requested. The cookies are OK, $1 for a normal sized cookie, $5 for 6; $9 for 12. The cupcakes are wonderful! But here's the real news: Pepperoni rolls! Pierogies! cookies that she calls "bear claws" that I would call rugalah! the pepperoni rolls and rugalah are awesome! (haven't tried the pierogies.) she also has pizza crusts which I haven't tried. Things are available fresh the day she bakes them, frozen otherwise.
  2. My store JUST did this. Last time I was there the stuff was in a gluten-free section, today it is on the regular baking row. I found a manager and told him he might as well shelve it with rat poison and I certainly won't buy the product when it sits next to flour. He acknowledged that the flour bags leak flour dust and said he could see my point, but corporate does this. He'll let them know my complaint. So if we all tell them it's not safe, maybe they'll get the idea. I care less when the fully sealed bags are next to one another, but next to the regular leaky bags? that's just stupid.
  3. the PF Changs near me bought new plates a couple of years ago, and brings out the gluten-free entrees on the old plates. So I know when they think it's gluten-free. They've gotten me once or twice but it has been mild, so obviously minor cross contamination. I also tend to take the "order it special" approach (no scallions or such) just to make sure it gets attention and the waiter doesn't pick up a wrong (read gluten full) plate of whatever I ordered.
  4. I buy the small tins of chicken (pop top) and take them with the noodles when I need a shelf stable option. I like the Thai noodles, but I need MEAT to feel like I ate a meal (call me a spoiled American) I traveled extensively for a while and the Thai noodles and My Own Meals were my safety net.
  5. My PFChangs has also gone to the "old" plates with PFChangs name on them as the gluten-free plates. I still special order mine as well -- without scallions since I don't like them and it flags the dinner as mine not someone else's ginger or lemon chicken. Someone on here orders the lettuce wraps with the rice noodles on the side for the same reason.
  6. I mix TJs gluten-free granola with Mesa Sunrise. Mesa Sunrise is boring by itself and TJs Granola is too sweet. Or I eat my Perky's nutty rice with yogurt (like I used to eat my Grape-nuts). Now, for an amusing thought, picture the middle-aged woman in a business suit in the Marriott Concierge lounge with her box of gorilla munch having breakfast. yeah, I got a few looks, but all they put on those breakfasts is gluten. OK and fresh fruit. I ate the fresh fruit.
  7. Brownie mix is dairy, soy, peanut, tree nut, corn and wheat free.
  8. the pre-made, heat and eat Organic southern style grits (which did not impress this southern girl) have water, organic white corn meal, salt, and tartaric acid. They are specifically labeled gluten free. And there is not a facilities or equipment warning which TJ's usually does if appropriate. I did not react to them, I just didn't think they had much taste.
  9. One of the things I like about TJs is that a lot of their sauces and stuff are gluten-free. They don't necessarily say so yet (they are on the gluten-free list that you can get at the front desk) but TJs is also starting to label all the gluten-free stuff with a G dot on the label (like Wegmann's does). So I can buy the piccatta simmer sauce, for example. Most places would have wheat in something like that. The other thing I like is giving hubby the list and having him bring stuff home from work! BTW, the granola is too sweet for me, but I mix it with Mesa Sunrise corn/amaranth/flax flakes (from Whole Foods) and that makes a great breakfast. The brownies are sitting in the kitchen ready to be made. After reading here, I'll try the butter instead of oil.
  10. I called ahead and spoke with the head of the cafeteria before my hospitalization, he said they knew gluten-free and it would be no problem. They have a celiac clinic, so I believed him. He lied. No one came and spoke with me, so I couldn't trust the broth. Once I was on solids, they brought me rice krispies for breakfast. Lunch and dinner were pretty much rice and canned fruit. Given that constipation is a problem following anesthesia and with pain meds, a diet of white rice doesn't seem like a really good idea. I guess that's why they gave me the fruit. so, even if they tell you they can handle it, have a backup plan.
  11. Gluuteny also has bread that is pretty good, cookies, brownies, cupcakes -- unfortunately (for my waist) everything I have tried there had been good!
  12. They will also add broccoli to the spicy chick or lemon chicken if you like some veggies in your dinner.
  13. ohhhh, I had banana oatmeal creme brulee in a restaurant once. they just put some sliced bananas between the oatmeal and the custard. heaven.
  14. It is gluten free. I eat it all the time.
  15. I had been going to several different gastroenterologists for 6+ years with no help. My brand new GP said "sounds like celiac, but the tests are expensive and not always accurate. Give the diet a try and see if that helps" I did and it did, within weeks I was 200% better. When I inadvertently did a gluten challenge (WHo knew spelt was wheat? ) I had my confirmation. That was enough for her and for me. FOund out later the Gastro had done a biopsy when he did my GERD EEG, but he only biopsied 1 place and said negative. I said "bye". So, I don't have the "offical" tests, but my GP was the impetus behind a diet-response diagnosis.
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