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Whole Foods Pizza Crust And Bread

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My husband stopped at Whole Foods (since it's close to his work) for me to get the Health Valley Rice and Corn Crunch'ems cereal and some Lara Bars and he impressed me by picking up some bagels, bread, and pizza crust too. I was leary of the bread b/c I had some terrible bread when I was first dx'd...but this was from Whole Foods special gluten-free bakery and it was pretty good. Not awesome, but edible! And the pizza crust was fabulous! I normally don't like thick crusts, but no ability to be picky anymore, right? So I put some refried beans on it, popped it in the oven for 10 minutes, added salsa, lettuce, cheese, and olives and had the best darn taco pizza in years...since Pizza Hut stopped making it!

Just thought I'd throw it out there...I'm sure others have already discovered these things ;)

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