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New To Celiac & Wondering About Leaky Gut

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I am a new poster here, but have found this board to be an amazing resource for the last week I've been reading about celiac disease. I have diagnosed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS-D, and endometriosis, among other health problems and have debated about having endoscopy/biopsy to diagnose celiac. I decided to go gluten free without the biopsy but have had lab work done (prior to being gluten-free--still awaiting results.)

My doctor said I could have the CSDA and intestinal permeability assessment done. (He uses Genova/Great Smoky Labs.) I want to know if I also have leaky gut syndrome, so I can start treating it. I'm wondering if the fact I've been gluten free will adversely affect the reliability of those tests, as I know it would affect a biopsy.

Thanks for your help.

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