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Rapunzel Bouillon Cubes gluten-free?

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I found these at my local grocery store, and they *look* gluten free....all natural ingredients, no MSG, etc. I am waiting on an e-mail reply from the company, but I was just wondering if anyone on here knew already if they are gluten-free or not?

I'm hoping they are, b/c I LOVE cooking with bouillon cubes rather than straight broth, although the Kitchen Basics brand of broth packs much more flavor than Swanson's. Still, nothing compares to the cubes! Thanks.

Tamara, mom to 4 gluten & casein free kiddos!

Age 11 - Psoriasis

Age 8- dx'd Celiac March 2005

Age 6- gluten-free/cf, allergy related seizures

Age 4 - reflux, resolved with gluten-free/cf

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