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Kettle Brand Cashew Butter

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Has anyone had any problems with this? I had 1 tsp last night and was up all night. It was the only thing that I had different. I have never eaten it before. There website states that basically although there lines are cleaned between batches there is a possibility of cross contamination. Are nut butters run on lines?

Sorry, if these are dumb questions as I am very new to all of this.

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This is in NO WAY a dumb question!

I've seen some doozies, but the truth is, around here, there is no such thing as a dumb Q.

Well, maybe if someone asks if this is where they can sign up to receive Free Gluten! :lol:

OK, on to the Kettle brand cashew butter. I used to eat it regularly.

Then .. . . .ONE time .....something was very very wrong.

No idea if it was CC w/ a different nut I can't have, or CC w/ gluten but I was sick for hrs.

Heavy nausea & could barely stand due to vertigo. I literally would hit the wall 3 or 4x during the 8-10steps to the bathroom.

Like I said, no idea as to the cause, but I never bought it again and never will.

Whole Foods' own 365 brand never gave me any trouble tho it also has some sort "made in a facility which also .. . ... " warning.

Then again, I mainly stick to the almond butter for quite a while now.

>>>>>>> tom <<<<<<<

Celiac 1st diagnosed as a toddler, in the 60s. Docs then, between bloodletting & leech-tending, said "he'll grow out of it" & I was back on gluten & mostly fine for 30yrs.

Gluten-free since 12-03

Dairy-free since 10-04

Soy-free since 5-07

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