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112 Eatery

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A year after opening, 112 Eatery remains the "it" reservation in the Twin Cities. They've won more kudos, local, regional and national than I will bore you with here. Aside from serving the best food in town, and at extremely reasonable prices, they've got many menu options that are naturally gluten-free. Last week I had the chicken for 2, the sweet potatoes and greens for sides, and the chocolate pudding for dessert. The pudding alone would be worth a 2-3 hour drive. The wine list is comprehensive and solid. If you live in Minnesota and lament the food scene here (i.e., almost everyone, except perhaps the born-and-breds) this is the place to give you hope. Or perhaps just make you wonder why no one else in the city seems to have caught on.

Unbelievable, amazing food mixing high and low cuisine. Great atmosphere. Unpretentious staff. Open til 1 am... no wonder it's hard to get a table. If I wasn't on a student budget, I'd be there every week.

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