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Fearn Rice Baking Mix

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I bought some Fearn Rice Baking Mix (the store I went to was out of the Brown Rice mix, so I just got the regular white rice mix instead.) I've used the brown rice mix before and I loved it! But, yesterday I made muffins with this mix and found it had a really weird aftertaste - very strong and almost acidic or something. The brown rice ones never tasted like that.

Have any of you encountered this with rice mixes? Do you think something was wrong with the mix? (I did test the other ingredients to make sure they were fresh...)



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Maybe it has too much baking powder in it?

Husband has Celiac Disease and

Husband misdiagnosed for 27 yrs -

The misdiagnosis was: IBS or colitis

Mis-diagnosed from 1977 to 2003 by various gastros including one of the largest,

most prestigious medical groups in northern NJ which constantly advertises themselves as

being the "best." This GI told him it was "all in his head."

Serious Depressive state ensued

Finally Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003

Other food sensitivities: almost all fruits, vegetables, spices, eggs, nuts, yeast, fried foods, roughage, soy.

Needs to gain back at least 25 lbs. of the 40 lbs pounds he lost - lost a great amout of body fat and muscle

Developed neuropathy in 2005

Now has lymphadema 2006It is my opinion that his subsequent disorders could have been avoided had he been diagnosed sooner by any of the dozen or so doctors he saw between 1977 to 2003

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