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Kidney Stone Or Gluten ?

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Just wondering if anyone else had this problem............. My vit. D levels were extremely low so my dr. put me on 50,000 units of vit. D weekly for 3 months and I also took a Calcium supplement of 2000 mgs daily which had about 1,500 mgs of Vit. D in it......... Anyway, after 3 months my levels were within range but on the lowest side so they gave me two more months of vit. D and now I am suffering from horrible back pain which feels like my kidneys. I am wondering if it could be because now I have too much calcium and vit. D in my system or if I have been gluteneted by CC the past few weeks.......... Does anyone else ever suffer from back pain that feels like it's from their kidneys when glutened along with really sore muscles that feel like they just worked out? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks, Justine

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I get an ache in my back when glutened, kind of like a bad soreness and cramping. I've never had a kidney stone but I don't think the back pain I experience when glutened is near as bad as pain from a kidney stone would be. I would certainly get it checked out if the pain is severe or it doesn't go away.

I would definitely get yourself to a doctor if you start feeling nauseous, feverish, really yucky, as you might have a kidney infection and in my experience that's not something to fool around with.

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Before being diagnosed with gluten/casein/soy intolerance I also had pain that started out in my lower abdomen near the bladder area, then the entire abdomen was painful, then as the weeks went on I had pain in my right lower back in the kidney area in addition to the daily pain everywhere else. I was concerned about a kidney infection,possible kidney stone, etc. A urinalysis showed a very slight bladder infection that would not cause that amount of pain. I also started to have slight nausea. All of these symptoms were related to the undiagnosed food intolerances......and constipation was no help either. A urinalysis test is easy enough to do, for peace of mind I'd have it done.

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I do get back pain when glutened but it is nothing compared to a kidney stone.

That will generally be so severe you can hardly move, many who have had one say it is worse than childbirth. I passed a small one with a bit of 'sand' early this week and when it woke me I thought I might be having a heart attack. It resolved until it got further down the line. Many times with a kidney stone the pain will start out in one area and then move as it passes out of the body. You may also see a pinkish tinge to your urine when it is in the process. It is not uncommon for the pain to be severe enough for the person to get nauseous and shocky, ie chills with sweating. If this is happening you need to get yourself to the doctor or ER. They can do an ultrasound, which is totally noninvasive, to see if they can find a stone. If it is too large to pass they can use lipotripsy to break it up. They will also be able to help with the pain. The increase in calcium could have been a trigger for this so do call your doctor to check it out.

There are also some of us who have had their kidneys damaged by years of inflammation and in those cases a glutening may impact the kidney function also. If you have edema in your hands or feet or ankles when glutened that might be a sign of that. Drinking plenty of water to help your system detoxify and prevent stone formation can be helpful in shortening the effects.

It may just be an inflammatory response from gluten, a lot of us get muscle and joint pain, but if this is becoming worse or is already severe you should get checked out.

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I have been having these achey feelings too. Mostly back pain for me. I am also low in vit D and calcium. My doc has me on supplements now to help. I have been having horrible constipation now (i'd honestly rather have the 'D" than this), nutritionsit says most likely due to taking these supplements. I am beginning to wonder if I am intolerant to soy. I had gluten-free stir fry the other night and have had this achey feeling since then. I feel like I'm getting a cold/flu and it mostly hurts in my back. I never really thought that I could have been glutened (I did have a milkshake the other day and could have been glutened) or it could be the soy that I am reacting to!?

I can tell you that I have had the pain similar to kidney stones and had none. I;ve had stones before, so I know what that feels like...it's hell! My kidneys were functioning poorly at the time I was dx'd with celiac. I was made to drink massive amounts of water while in the hosp. and given iv fluids. You really may want to have your doc check that out just to be safe..it is nothing to play around with and can be very serious if left alone too long!!

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What is in the calcium type in the calcium supplement? It isn't calcium carbonate, (like in Tums) is it? Too much calcium carbonate in the bloodstream causes too much bicarbonate in the blood, (symptom, muscle soreness) and gets pulled out by the kidneys as they regulate the blood calcium levels, and it causes kidney crystals and stones to form. This in turn can cause repeated bladder and urinary tract infections, which can progress to kidney infections, which cause excrutiating back pain.

Switching to a non calcium carbonate form can help stop this. Drinking a LOT of water can help flush things out, but if you are also having a burning sensation, you may want to call the doctor's office for testing for a uti infection.

Also, calcium needs magnesium to be able to be used by the body. Are you taking a magnesium supplement?

Suddenly it's quite fashionable for doctors to be proscribing lots of vitamin D, that's good, BUT, what are the other ingredients in the pills, if it is being taken in pill form ?

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Ahhh.. yes the eczema..... Eczema, hives, keratosis pilaris, Puppp rash yep many skin manifestations..... it turns out being a strict gluten-free celiac (completely gluten-free home) now my body quickly and clearly goes DH with cc I of course avoid cc Keep us posted and good luck Edit: I wanted to add this former post for you about the lovely lifetime skin manifestations many of us have had- oh I forgot I have had Shingles 3 times-DH variation or shingles? At this point I tel
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