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Dakota Free Products Review

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I recently set out to replace all my personal care products to try and solve a dry flaking skin problem on my face. In my research I found the Dakota Free products on-line but no review of them so now that I have used some for a week I thought I would provide a review. I chose this line to try because of the short ingredients list with minimal chemicals, botanicals, herbs and food products. They also are gluten free.

Pure Prairie Soap - I have really liked this soap. At first I did not. It suds up very nicely but when you rinse it off it feels like there is a coating on your skin. You can even see the water bead up on the coating. However, after having used it a week my skin no longer itches when I go to bed at night and I don't have dry flaking skin on my legs nor do I feel like I need to put alot of lotion on.

Sophie Soap - This is a pump form of soap which I am using at my bathroom counter for my hands and to wash my face at night. You have to wet your face and then apply the soap for it to suds up so it is not like a facial cleanser. My hands are less dry and irritated than they were with my old product.

Baby Your Skin Balm - I bought both the No Lavender version of this and the Lavender version. I think I like the Lavender version better. It does not really have much smell but somehow it seems nicer. I like the product for hands, arms and legs but I think I will need to continue to look for something for my face. It is a fairly solid product in the jar and requires too much rubbing to put it on your face and that tends to irritate my skin. I have had some improvement with it but I also seem to be getting break outs. However I have to qualify this statement with I also tried the Gluten-Free Savonnerie massage oil on one half of my face one night and this lotion on the other half and the side with the massage oil seemed to have the worse break-outs.

Dishwashing liquid - I have used this product at my kitchen sink and it is very acceptable.

I also googled the ingredients list from my old products and it was very informative. It was a pain because the words are so long to type in but very informative so I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what is going on their skin.

My face is still dry and flaky so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. My dermatologist recommends not using products with fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs or food (like honey) so I am trying to find something very minimalistic.



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