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Response From Juara Skincare

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Hi Lisa,

I apologize for the delay in this response, but I have been conversing back and forth with our Product Development department to get as much information for you as possible.

In labeling our products, we at JUARA follow the guidelines established by the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients (INCI). Our product line doesn't currently contain any ingredients derived specifically from wheat. If we were to use an ingredient derived from a grain such as wheat, those names would appear on the label. However, many raw materials from different suppliers and sources are used in the manufacture of JUARA products. It is therefore not possible for us to fully guarantee that our products are completely free of ingredients that may elicit an allergic response.

Were our products to contain some trace of gluten from the manufacturers of our raw materials, are you sure that you would experience a reaction? According to our research, celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that can damage the villi in the small intestine. Research has not shown that it will adversely affect a celiac disease sufferer to apply gluten products topically. (For example: the celiac disease sufferer who bakes and frequently touches flour), unless the person has a specific wheat or gluten allergy.

Of course, I don't know your specific situation, so I don't want to advise you to do something that your doctor would recommend against. If you have any doubts, certainly take our ingredient list to a doctor and ask about the imaginable effects of applying products possibly containing traces of gluten topically.

If you would like to request some free samples in order to test our products out first before committing to buying them, I could definitely send you some to check out. If you're interested, let me know which products you want, and tell me a little bit about your skin type and daily facecare routine.

I hope this has been helpful, and I thank you for your interest JUARA! Please feel absolutely free to let me know any futher questions or concerns you may have.

All the Best,

JUARA Skincare

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