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Perdue Ground Chicken?

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I'm new here, I've been gluten free for about 6 months now--I actually have a delayed food allergy to gluten rather than celiac disease. I had Perdue ground turkey without a problem, but last night I made some ground chicken with perdue. According to the website, their ground chicken and turkey is gluten free, despite the 'natural flavorings' label on the ingredients. But I was up all night in pain with my typical gluten-eating symptoms. Has anyone had a reaction to perdue ground chicken? It it possible they changed their ingredients and haven't updated the website? Or maybe I was contaminated through another source....

Nice to meet you all though. despite the pain I'm in right now :(

Diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 01/06

Diagnosed with TMJ/07

Diagnosed with blood test to gluten, wheat and brewer's yeast delayed food allergy 01/08.

Gluten free since 01/08.

Diagnosed with Vitamin D insufficiency 01/08

Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome repealed and attributed to gluten allergy 1/08

Diagnosed with Candida 03/25/08

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