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Not eating and throwing up don't help you slim down. Cut portion sizes down, don't eat after dark, and get some exercise. Make all your own food, no fast foods or sweets, eat veggies and fruit. Start walking more and being active.

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If you don't eat you get hungrier and may go on binges and overeat. If you throw up that won't help any either. Just eat fruits and other healthy foods. Try to eat small amounts throughout the day instead of larger meals. Also try to walk more that might help. Good luck :D


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Have you tried talking to someone? Your parent, grandparent, sister,cousin, aunt?

Tell someone how you feel what is going on. Try an organized sport. Drink more water, study nutrition. You should get a check up from a doctor to see that your body is functioning properly.

You want to do something about your weight, that's good. Do it in a positive, informed way. You may even find that this could be a possible career focus for you. Start in the library and maybe a jumprope. Pretty nearly free, how much does a jumprope cost? If possible, walk to school instead of riding the bus.



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Yes--not eating will make your metabolism slow down--thinking that it's starving. Thus, you will not only have the discomfort of not eating, but your body will cling to every calorie it can. That's why diet programs always stress eating breakfast to get your metabolism going and not skipping meals.

Do try to get some support from someone you can see face to face, as well--it doesn't need to be a parent, but try to find someone.

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Anorexia and bulemia make obesity or being overweight worse. Once you stop vomiting or begin eating again after having anorexia or bulemia, your metabolism has changed and you gain more weight. I have several friends who are recovered from bulemia and have to live with being heavier than they were before they started because of all of the purging.

Other than that warning, please get some help. These disorders don't go away by themselves and you need someone guiding you and helping you through this. Do you have a trusted friend or guidance counselor? Family member?

The only healthy way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise. That isn't easy but if you have a good support group you can accomplish it.

Good luck and write us if you need more support.

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