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  1. Is Ezekiel cereal gluten free? My friend swears they are because they contain "sprouted whole grain wheat," "sprouted malted barley," etc. I told her it is NOT gluten free for sure. Plus, it's a Food For Life product, and they clearly label their food gluten free. Can anyone help?
  2. Anemia & Pregnancy

    Hi all, I have anemia, iron deficiency, and am going to be trying for pregnancy soon. I will of course talk to my dr about this, but did anyone else here have anemia before getting pregnant? Was it OK to do so? Other than that and acid reflux I am in good health and am strict on my gluten free diet. Any advice would be great, thanks! Jennifer
  3. Take them with food. And get the kind without iron. Iron is hard to absorb by our bodies...that's why it makes some people sick. I am anemic and have to take iron but I get the Gentle Iron and it works just fine-no nausea. Anyway, try your vitamins with food and an entire glass of water. A friend of mine takes several vitamins each day and she spreads them out...one at breakfast, one at lunch, one at dinner.
  4. Wendy's frosties are NOT gluten-free anymore...they used to be. About a year? ago Wendy's added gluten to them. Don't eat it!!!!!
  5. Are you still eating dairy? A lot of us are temporarily lactose intolerant. It always gives me gas and bloating, for sure. Or, you could have other food allergies. You may want to check into that as well...
  6. Do NOT cheat! Thinking about it is fine and perfectly normal-but it is the same thing as cutting yourself or smoking cigarettes. The short term sickness alone is bad enough let alone the harm yiou are doing to your body. And if you cheat, you'll probably keep cheating...you could take years off of your life. There are SO many delicious gluten-free treats you can have-pig out on Ben & Jerry's ice cream-a LOT of them are gluten-free! Or eat M& M's or a Butterfinger....there are gluten-free donuts...mmm
  7. You could also have a wheat allergy wthout having Celiac Disease. Have you had a food allergy test done?
  8. It sounds like you live in an area with a lot of restaurants if you have a Cheesecake Factory....next time maybe you could go to a really great gluten-free restaurnant like Carrabba's, Outback Steakhouse, PF Chang's, etc. and eat a huge meal to help you celebrate! That's what I do on special occasions! But so sorry you had nothing good to eat:( Congratulations on raising a great son! I'm a high school teacher and I know how exciting that graduation ceremony is!
  9. According to my doctor, iron deficiency is the cause of anemia, unless you have cancer or some other disease. I am currently taking iron supplements because of mine. I know a lack of B vitamins can do various other things to your body, though, so if you're lacking it you definitely want to make sure you're getting enough of it somehow.
  10. I had the same issue when going gluten free years ago....then to my surprise I learned that you are supposed to wean off gluten, not stop right away, and that I suffered MAJOR gluten withdrawl for about 6 months before I got better. That could be it. Remember, your body is going through a HUGE massive change...diarrhea may be normal in the short term.
  11. Stop taking Prilosec right away! I too used it and was nauseated and sick all the time. I went to my doctor and told him how lousy I was feeling...he suggested stopping the Prilosec and I got better right away. I know they say Nexium and Prilosec are similar and therefore Prilosec should not make you sick but something in it made me horribly sick. I take Protonix now and have felt better than ever. Nexium is no longer covered by my insurance. I feel better on Protonix, anyway. I also take Cymbalta, 30 mg a day. Cutting your dose could definitely give you the same symptoms you listed!! So it's either the Prilosec or the Cymbalta. Try one at a time! And it wouldn't hurt to stop the shampoo, either.
  12. You may as well get a blood test done again-but make sure you are eating gluten. Don't go off of it before the test or the results will be incorrect. Your symptoms certainly fit, though. See your doctor and if he/she does confirm it, we are all here to help you get used to your new lifestyle-new and improved, that is!
  13. Yes it could be anemia...I am anemic but my main symptoms were just being fatigued a lot. The other symptoms don't fit anemia. Check into anxiety as well. I had a lot of nausea, stomach pain, and other odd symptoms and most of it ended up being anxiety. I was floored....I never felt scared or nervous or had any sort of anxiety attacks. When my doctor suggested it I laughted at her! But it turned out she was right and I am now feeling better than I have in years.
  14. You poor thing! Some (hopefully) answers to your questions! Yes! It can take several years for your intestines to heal, and yes, gluten is hidden in everything. That's the bad news. The good news is that it goes get better-take it from thousands of us here, and you will learn very, very quickly what you can and cannot have. Yes! Depression is common. I had NEVER been depressed in my life before my diagnosis. To spare you a long, long story, I now take a low dose of anti-depressant (Cymbalta) and it has me back on track. I was one of those "I will never take anti-depressants" people until several doctors told me they could not help me any further unless I at least agreed to TRY them. But, you must consult a doctor about this to make sure your symptoms correctly fit the bill and are long term. You may just be depressed temporarily. Talk with your dr about this. It changed my life. And I only take a child's dose ( I am 30 years old). I see long term prognosis as GREAT as long as you stay gluten free completely and do NOT EVER CHEAT. Of course, we all get accidentally glutened from time to time, but bingeing on pizza is a no-no, no matter how badly you want it. There are tons of great foods and restaurants where you can eat. Do NOT worry about inconveniencing other people. Your family loves you. It took mine a long time to accept it...my mother moaned and groaned for a year before finally learning what I can have and now she emails me gluten free recipes and cooks for me on the holidays! Be careful with cooking utensils; I had to get a few pots/pans and a pasta strainer that are separate from my husband's (he is not a Celiac). What's good is, we can have pasta, bagels, pizza, you name it! If you would like to email me privately I can tell you tons of things and places that are gluten-free. I Live in Arizona and I have all sorts of shopping at my disposal...I'm not sure what it's like in your town. We have a Trader Joe's on every corner here, and a few select gluten-free restaurants that are fabulous...but I don't know about your town. Please try and stay positive. I promise you in a year you will be writing posts to other fellow posters who are struggling. Please email me and I can help you. I am online all of the time as I am a teacher and enrolled myself in two online courses that require me to be on the internet forever-or at least it feels like it! My name is Jennifer. Email address is jknnej@yahoo.com Anyone else who needs help, feel free to email me as well. I eat out all of the time and have a great diet filled with yummy gluten-free foods. I can help!
  15. I had a similar experience to other posters...first I felt great, then I began feeling kind of bad again...but after about a year I felt good all of the time.
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