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Happy Holly

Do Not Trust The Trader Joes Labels

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Has anyone else had recent problems with Trader Joe's gluten free bread? I have been eating their bread for the last few years and just literally the most recent loaf I opened seems to be making me sick EVERYDAY (last 5 days) a few hours after lunch. I don't eat breakfast and everything else in my lunch is exactly the same except for the newest loaf of bread. Last month I had tried their gluten free cookies and those were making me sick for a month until I pinpointed what was new I had started eating. I was getting a delayed reaction to those so it was very unclear if they were the problem but I won't buy them ever again and now I'm seriously considering staying away from all of their gluten free products since they aren't certified in any way. 

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 I realize that this thread is about Trader Joes but plenty of other companies do this as well, though. They state on the packages that the product is gluten free but when you look on the back of the package, it states that it was manufactured in a shared plant. It's frustrating to those of us who have multiple allergies/intolerances.

That's why people need to read the whole package and not rely on symbols (which may mean nothing at all). I don't have a problem with any of the gluten free Trader Joe's food that I have tried but I do have problems with foods from other companies who have the same claims on their labels. I try to limit eating foods that are processed on shared lines. Each person should do as they see fit.

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